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Pelosi's outraged!!!!!

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  • Pelosi's outraged!!!!!

    Well Nancy Pelosi said yesterday that the ICE enforment agents are no better than thugs for inforcing illegal immigration laws and for executing raids against illegals.

    That is what you call a skewed outlook on things, of course we all knew that she was already skewed.... to the left.

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    Nancy Pelosi needs her ever-present pom poms shoved in her mouth! I have never taken such a dislike to a person as I have to her (and her smug cheering).:mad:


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      Since Obama's the savior I figured she could be like the virgin Mary(Monet stands and applauds for no reason whatsoever). I have a very difficult time deciding if she or Barney Frank top my list of most dispicable people on the planet(at least Bin Laden is truthful about his plans). Just remember these people were voted in at some point(Monet stands and applauds for no reason whatsoever again). I guess this is a new generation of potiticians(Monet stands and applauds for no reason whatsoever again).Very sad(No applause for this one).
      He who lives with the most toys, wins.