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  • Food Shortages

    What food shortages are you seeing in your local grocery stores? Before I left NY, there were shortages of meat, canned soups, canned pasta sauce, dry pasta in boxes, and toilet paper.

    Here in Idaho, I'm seeing shortages of canned meats.

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    Finally, our stores have mostly returned to normal, but it's West Virginia. Normal here is severely lacking for most areas. WE still have no canning jars, lids or rings. Ammo is seriously lacking as well as firearms and motor vehicles. Need to can pumpkin and tomato sauce soon.


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      No canning equipment here either. And ammo is short as well.


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        My oldest daughter in Florida bought me 3 dozen. I guess the people in Florida don't can that much. She says everywhere down there has plenty on the shelves. Have to go for a visit in a couple weeks.



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          Usual fall beef sale at grocery stores where you can buy whole packer cuts like eye of round or loin (whole) has not appeared. On another note local meat processers for individuals are booked thru Feb of 2021. Farmers Markets are sold out within a couple of hours. The produce section for any grocery other than WalMart consist of mostly root veggies with a few odd bunches of bell peppers and cabbage.


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            all normal here, I only go shopping once every 3 weeks.


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              We have not had any shortages since early in the pandemic (March/April). Even then most things were available, just not the quantity and brands you might like. Toilet paper was an issue, but we were well stocked.
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