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    You need a mask to enter a store.... stores are not accepting cash....not that far til you need a chip in your hand to shop....tell me I'm wrong.

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    I am totally against masks. Except in your case. Huge improvement... yuge.
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    Skills Beats Stuff


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        When I am holding my credit card, I have a "Chip" in my hand.

        I have now been in lockdown for nine months.
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          Hay, don't bad mouth masks. That is like saying a chain link fence don't stop mosquitoes, and 2 stop twice as many. And if the other person is wearing a double layer mask as well that is the equivalent of 4 fences. Bad Girl.


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            Love you, Gran. :)


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              Mask suck--they fog up my glasses and get my face sweaty and clammy.

              But I wear them when I go out because--for me--they're not that big of a deal and maybe they'll help stop this viurs from spreading as much so we can get back to something closer to a normal way of life. Also, for anyone who's somehow more at risk for heavy-duty symptoms, wearing a mask shows them support at a time when things are frankly pretty scary. (I'm thinking of a news story from that last day or so of a 60-some y.o. woman with asthma [etc.] who had to keep on working--couldn't afford not to--at a convenvience store/gas station.)

              My understanding is, cloth masks* filter out some/a lot of microparticles--drops of moisture, etc.--that viruses like to hitch a ride on. The viruses themselves are too tiny to be caught by the fabric, but those microparticles that carry the viruses are big enough that a fair number of them DO get caught. 'Particularly' (heh-heh) when the mask is catching a particle-heavy outbreath, as opposed to filtering an in-breath of air where the particles are all spread out. I'm assuming that's why surgeons wear them--to protect the patient from being breathed on, rather than to protect the surgeon from inhaling something. (Of course, a more tightly sealed, n95 mask should filter out particles as you inhale--but that's a different category of mask.)

              If we could all wake up and take a paper strip, instant test for covid each day (Supposedly, those are on the way, so 'masks for everyone' a short term measure.), so we knew who needed to wear a mask, those of us without covid could skip wearing a mask.

              But for whatever set of reasons, we don't (yet) have a way to quickly, cheaply test for covid-19. And a lot of people who feel fine nonetheless have it, and with every breath they're misting it out for others to inhale. You or I could be one of them and not know--I might never get symptoms or I not show those symptoms for a week or so. My own willingness to risk having it is up to me, maybe, but I don't want to be the reason someone else gets it. (And legally, there are all kinds of ways we're stopped from causing harm to others by that sort of 'pollution', even if we're personally ok with the risks--if I run a dry cleaning business I can't decide to risk dumping chemicals into my backyard because they don't just stay in my backyard, etc. Same with smoking as far as the person choice aspect, but rules against second hand smoke = no smoking in restaurants, etc.)

              So, since there's no way to know who's 'dumping virus' into the air in public spaces, we get a call--or a law--saying we should wear masks. Whoever IS currently carrying the virus, if they're masked, the cloud of microparticles they generate is supposedly thinner and generally more limited--1-2' distance? vs. 6'+ distance--zone. You might still get sick from them--even if the two of you are masked--if you share a long car ride (with the windows closed), but if they're going to the supermarket aisle 6' ahead of you, in an open, airy space, chances are supposed to be a LOT lower.

              That's how I understand it based on what I'm seeing/hearing from my news sources, but the way things work nowadays, it all depends on which news sources you tune in to, right? I assume there's a set of talking points/etc. behind the anti-mask point of view that I haven't seen.

              I'd be glad to hear why people are opposed to wearing masks.

              *just a layered bandana is better than nothing, but certain kinds of cloth and numbers of layers/designs are more effective. Also, there are do's and don't's for use--cover your nose!
              Been there, done that. Then been there again several times, because apparently I never learn.


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                I'm right with you, Schneb. Most of the masks are uncomfortable. They fog up my glasses. Impossible to drive with them on, so I don't even try. They are better than nothing, but they don't work. I keep them in my car, so I always have one when needed. Some places here require them for entry.

                At this point I have had about all the fun I can stand.
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