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We are all in the same boat?

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  • We are all in the same boat?

    The every time I see that ad on TV that We are all in this Together or We all in the same Boat I think to myself - NO, WE ARE NOT! We may all be in the same ocean but We are all in different boats and we are isolated (separated) from all the other boats. That is what this is all about.
    Boats of all sizes and types
    Rubber rafts-
    Tiny boats-
    Modest boats-
    Large cabin cruisers –
    Fancy yachts-
    And ships of all sizes.
    ALL in different states of repair and size has nothing to do with what state that is!
    The size of your boat has nothing to do with your current situation in the Wuhan virus crisis.
    All are powered differently.
    Man power –
    Wind power-
    Engines driven by different fuels
    There isn’t even the same number of people in the boats.
    The size of the boat has nothing to do with how many people are in it. The smallest boat may contain anywhere from one to 6 or 8 people or perhaps even more. Some of the larger boats, while containing the same numbers usually have fewer people per square foot than the small ones.
    Some boats have hired crews to run the boat - most are crewed by those living on it.
    The basic physical and mental health on every boat varies
    Some have all healthy people on board (physical & or mental)
    Some have all compromised people (physical & or mental)
    Some have all young
    Some have all elderly
    Most have a combination that requires a bit of fancy juggling
    We are not even in the same part of the ocean.
    Some parts are crowded – boats touching each other –
    Some parts have a bit of space between them -
    Some parts have a lot of space –
    Some nearly empty -

    Each boat has different weather
    Some in mostly calm seas
    Some in a full gale
    Some praying for the eye of the hurricane just for a moment of relief.
    Each boat has both a different level of supplies & the resources needed to obtain, maintain or replace needed supplies.
    In some all is well considering
    Some have just enough to get by
    Some are desperate need right now

    I have began to doubt the Stay Home mantra of the press. And by that they mean stay inside. Stay away from every one else. That way you cannot compare notes or opinions. Common sense is ruled out. Come on people, this is not radiation, the virus is not thick in the outside air, just waiting for you to step outside to attack you. Every one in a mile radius is not going to drop dead if you mow your lawn, nor are you. The same applies to buying anything but food or planting a garden or fishing alone or with the people you live with . New socks are not to kill you or your neighbors. You don't have to be a hermit unless you want. As long as I do not endanger anyone else I will return to my life. So I will wash my hands and wear my mask and not smear my snot on ATM key pads or put my gum under my seat. But I will travel 50 miles to see my family and I will go to the grocery store as much as I dislike it and I will Hug the ones I love if I have to undress and burn my clothes between hugs. My home may be my castle but it will not be my prison.

    And that brings us to essential workers. Have you noticed that Congress is not in session? Apparently they are not essential. Oh the Senators
    are willing but the House has delayed resuming. The speaker has announced they will not be returning May 5th. She has offered no date for their return. But their lawns are mowed- their house is cleaned- their groceries are delivered- and their words are published and quoted by cable news. The majority members of the House sit in their homes declaring that the current president is unfit to run the country but make no move to exercise their right to challenge him or offer solutions of their own. Simply condemning his actions and making no attempt to press actions of their own other than words.

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    I understand what you are saying Gran, but having known 1 person who died from this disease and know 8 other people that either probably have it, or have tested positive for it, I understand the stay at home order and dont disagree with it.

    I have felt off/on like crap since March 8. Low grade fever sporadically. zhot one sec, freezing the nect. I wake up tired. I have a dry cough, and most of the time a heaviness in my chest like I am coming down with bronchitis. Do I have it? Absolutely no clue, but my friend who is a doctor has had the same symptoms ad I have for a week.less than I have. He suspects he has it. He is the doctor who oversees other doctors, so doesnt see patients. He is waiting to get tested for C19.

    I know too many ppl who
    1. Dont believe the disease is real
    2. Think its a government control thing
    3. say F*** it, i am going to die anyway
    4. think there is nothing you can do about it
    5. that it is too hard to quarentine, the dog has to go to tbe groomers
    6. I know a couple who are hunketed down and isolating the way I hoped I could be here, but I have an outlier, who at times is perhaps putting the rest of us in jeopardy.

    I think this is a naturally occuring disease. I think there will be scumbags who will try (or succeed) to use it to their advantage. I think quarentine will work if people will quit trying to figure out how to keep getting around quarentine. If it works with plants and animals, why think it wont with people?

    This is not the first pandemic. I believe this is worse than the Spanish Flu, but not as bad (yet) as the Black Death in the 1300s. The same stuff with economy, religion, quarentine, lack of quarentine, superstition and misinformation happened then as now. Society changed. Things were never the same, it took Italy a couple hundred years to recover. But not all change is bad. It is just change and people are afraid of change. Sometimes it is good, sometimes it is bad, sometimes it is both, sometimes it is neither. But most of society is resistant and afraid of change. I am suspicious if it mysrlf at times. We are currently in a huge unknown, and I am not even sure the best seer in the world could tell you the outcome.

    We are comparing notes and information. I hear it from friends, I hear it from newsgroups, i hear it on the 12 countries I read a day, I hear it on the ham radio...

    Boredom and not knowing when this will end is the main problem I see from people. I see places being banned, like the great outdoors, as people were gathering in higher than normal levels in state oarks, so that had to get shut down, look at the people elbow to elbow on beaches yesterday.

    Saturday I went morel hunting for 4 hours, a week before thst, a 3 hour hike. But people seem to lack common sense, so I can see why states are telling ppl to stay inside.

    With my coughing for almost 8 weeks now, do you guys really want me in public without a mask? Am I still shedding virus? No one knows.