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Troop and NG movement

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  • Troop and NG movement

    I guess this Covid-19 China virus is an event. Here is my question. Has anyone monitored increased military movement, including vehicles on trains. If yes, give a general report as to approximate location, etc. No need to give up your exact 10-20.

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    Today I see where there is movement near Westerhope - Newcastle UK
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      Im just outside chicago, on a main north/south corridor. Tracks and Interstate visible out my window, and easily heard as well, lol.

      I would say roughly twice? the normal train traffic, and less than half the truck traffic.

      No military vehicles going by that ive seen, and I have been looking.

      Lots more refrigerator cars going north, but that could be seasonal.


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        Originally posted by Patience View Post
        Lots more refrigerator cars going north, but that could be seasonal.
        Companies will often ship product that can't freeze in refrigerator cars (insulated) to cold locals to help prevent the contents from freezing. Often those containers can also be "heated" to a low temp above freezing.

        I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you!


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          Thanks guys for your input.

          A unit in the MDNG has been staged in Baltimore but word is they are awaiting orders relative to facilitate virus defense activities.


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            News of Maryland NG readiness.