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Beware the gold fringed flag?

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  • Beware the gold fringed flag?

    Ok guys bear with me and don't consign me to the room with the kooks and such. This is a reply to those that have posted in the FEMA Camps and other liberty infringing threads here on XColony..

    There is a debate over why some flags have fringe and others don't... well both sides have parts of it right.

    During the Wilson administration there was an extension of MAritime Law that actually had an effect on land. Like so many other Federal Laws it dealt with commerce. During WWI the US gov wanted to not only be able to seize transports on the high seas, they wanted to prevent it from getting to the seas in the first place. In order to do this they extended the MAritime Law that let US ships capture and seize "enemy" vessels and then turn them over to the government. This new law stated something similar to this "enemies of the state, which are designated by the President, can have goods, property, and persons detained or arrested. The designated enemies can be held without habeus corpus or and acknowledgement that they are being held."

    Now this law was to help prevent citizens and companies in providing assistance to the Central Powers(Germany and Austro-Hungarian Empire). Oddly enough the law has never been rescinded.

    Now it is even odder that the gold fringed flag first started appearing during this time being used by some Army units(which later led to the Army/Navy dispute over the fringed flag in the 20's) who were assigned with helping Wilsons goons round up dissenters during the war years.

    Ever since there are always fringed flags in courts, official meetings, etc. Of course the fringed flag is not used outdoors for simple expendienccy. It would not last anytime at all in the elements.

    So should we be afraid of the Gold Fringe or should we laugh it off as just an adornment to the flag. Bear this in mind though. Does the government ever do anyhting without some purpose behind it? However misguided that purpose might be.