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Obama: Help Coming for those Facing Economic Pain

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  • Obama: Help Coming for those Facing Economic Pain

    I feel so CONFIDENT! LOL :rolleyes:

    Obama: Help coming for those facing economic pain

    Associated Press - March 13, 2009 4:03 PM ET

    WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama says he's confident if the nation focuses on all the fundamentally sound aspects of the economy, the U.S. is "going to get through this."

    He says he's seeking a "post-bubble economic growth model," and that the days of an economy ballooning because of an "overheated housing market or people maxing out on their credit cards" are over.

    Obama is working to reassure Americans struggling through the financial meltdown that his government is on a daily campaign to get credit flowing and build a long-term recovery.

    Obama made the comments after meeting with his economic adviser Paul Volcker.

    The president's cautious optimism comes after National Economic Council Director Lawrence Summers said an "excess of fear" is dominating the economy. Summers says people need to snap out of the mind-set to get the economy back on track.

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    "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you" (in two years or so, unless you are an illegal alien)


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      The government needs to quit stealing our money (spending).

      The government needs to quit taxing corporations and small business men to death.

      The government needs to throw the enviro-wackos overboard and rescind some of the straight jacket they've put in place which has driven so much of American manufacturing overseas.

      The government needs to do what the constitution assigned them, which is defend us and set tariffs and get the hell out of our way!
      "If Howdy Doody runs against him, I'm voting for the puppet." - SkyOwl's Wife, 2012


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        You know, that "excess of fear" statement bothers me. I don't see fear, I see anger, defiance, and just being plain mad about what is going on with the economy.

        The only ones I see who are afraid are the ones who have more to lose than the average xcolony member, including people who was living WAY beyond their means, or as Skyowl's Wife put it, lack of morality in choosing right from wrong. :mad:


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          Skyowl is just angry. I'm angry, and to be honest, somewhat afraid.

          I suspect that is a sex-related thing, Skyowl is buying ammo, I'm adding food. But then, we've been married a long time and I'm an old-fashioned gal and was raised with what I believe are natural gender-based roles. He's king of the roost - MY king!

          Electing this commie bastard has nullified the death of every man and woman who has ever given all for this country. Dr. King is rolling in his grave - this asshat was elected BECAUSE of the color of his skin, NOT the content of his character, AND Dr. King was a Republican back when that actually meant conservative.

          I mourn for our country and somewhat fearful of the freight train coming down the rails. I used to love to read EOTWAWKI sci fi, and used to be horrified by the way they depicted people in societal-collapse scenarios. Watching NO after Katrina, I no longer think, "WE wouldn't be THAT way!" and am preparing accordingly.

          Since Skyowl works for the government (DoD, not the blood-sucking social agencies), we are assuming he'll be the only one of us left with a job and so I'm planning for all the kids and THEIR kids. They are in agreement and planning accordingly on how to move THEIR supplies if it comes to that. We will defend those supplies and our grandchildren to the death because the asshat will try to take it from us, I guarantee it!
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          "If Howdy Doody runs against him, I'm voting for the puppet." - SkyOwl's Wife, 2012


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            I have been reading things for a while now, and maybe I am reading too much, but I'm really afraid now. I'm angry too, but all I can think of is how much money I can squeeze out of the budget to build the stockpile more. I was reading somewhere on another forum some guy who is getting out of the military in 6 months and doesn't know if he will have another job when he gets out. So, he and his wife have gone over the budget and found an extra $500 a month and are building their stockpile.
            I thought that sounded like a good idea, so I'm going to try it, planning as if my husband will be out of work in 6 months, and see how that goes. We have a bit more extra coming in soon, so I'm going to build our cash reserve as well. We've eliminated all our credit cards, but will work on anything else we have going (tractor etc). Our truck we are converting from a lease to a buy, so that will cut out even more money. I just have a horrible feeling that we have lost our country, but most of us have no where else to go. :confused:


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              I believe I am just angry/bitter at the moment and maybe that is masking any fear that I may have? I don't know. It is hard to explain, but as long as I have a plan and a purpose, I seem to do okay.

              My husband and I work well as a team and are usually on the same page regarding issues, so I think this helps quite a bit. He takes care of certain areas because, well, he is a whole lot better at it than I am! :D

              After NO, I think it opened the eyes of many people, at least I hope it did. It definitely had an impact on me regarding the helplessness of a whole lot of people with no clue how to take care of themself and will not even try to and instead they look to the government to save them. There were also heroes and I applaud them for their efforts, though the bad far outweighed the good.

              It will be hard for a single family to stand against an armed crowd with an entitlement mentality. I now wish we lived closer to N.C. so that we could take part in their xcolony safe haven they are attempting to establish for their group, but we are where we are and will make do best we can.

              HP, it sounds as though you have a plan and I think you will do well with it. If you need to talk, I will be here for you.

              Skyowl's Wife, it is good that you have your family onboard with planning. One of my sons has many skills, though he does not believe it will be very bad and I really hope he is right. He gives me the "aw ma" look whenever I say anything to him and pats me on top of the head, which is easy for him to do being 6'4". :D It may not be a lot, but they have all had CERT training as well, which is better than nothing I guess. Most importantly, they have common sense which will see them through a lot. They know how to cook, can, start fires, forage, etc, and they can all hunt and fish for food, not recreation. I guess my main worry would be about them.


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                LOL! Didn't realize you were both ladies!

                VERY glad to find you, this is a man's topic, unfortunately. WE will help our men get through it!

                The defiance you mention is very real and very big in us.

                Molon Labe!

                "If Howdy Doody runs against him, I'm voting for the puppet." - SkyOwl's Wife, 2012


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                  Originally posted by Skyowl's Wife View Post
                  LOL! Didn't realize you were both ladies!

                  VERY glad to find you, this is a man's topic, unfortunately. WE will help our men get through it!

                  The defiance you mention is very real and very big in us.

                  Molon Labe!

                  LOL, yes, there are several of us outspoken, informed women participating on the board. Brosia actually started a ladies only social group. If you would like to participate, just pm Brosia for an invitation. Hope to see you there!