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UBS suggests gold has potential US$2,500/oz upside

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  • UBS suggests gold has potential US$2,500/oz upside

    UBS suggests gold has potential US$2,500/oz upside
    Despite the worst global recession in 70 years, UBS has upgraded commodities from underweight to a small overweight, especially in precious metals.

    Author: Dorothy Kosich
    Posted: Thursday , 12 Mar 2009

    RENO, NV -

    UBS Investment Research has moved gold to overweight from neutral, citing the "broad uncertainties in the current macroclimate."

    In their Q-Series: Gold research, analysts Daniel Brebner and James Luke, strategist John Reade and economist Larry Hatheway said they have determined that "future returns on gold are likely to be positively asymmetric, with potential upside US$2,500/oz."


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    Upside of $2500/oz...sure, makes sense considering our money isn't worth beans right now. Invest in gold, and have a great return on your money, but it won't matter anyway because your money won't buy much of anything in the future.
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