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    I think if we just keep the pressure on, his own Generals will deal with him. He's not very popular.
    You don't have to be perfect, but you better be smart!!!


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      China isn't quite prepared so,......... They will reign little Kimmy in.

      Just my opinion


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        China is in no way prepared to loose her buffer zone with the west that is North Korea I honestly think they would roll south and take short round out themselves then risk south and north Korea uniting under the south's leadership or a nuclear exchange just off their southern border


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          I served over 14 months in South Korea. Some of it was in the DMZ a war zone 24/7. The South Korean people understand what can happened all you have to look at in the invasion back in 1950. They are serious about another invasion! Remember the Capital of South Korea is only 34 miles from the DMZ!

          Can it happen again YES if China cuts off their supply of food they will invade. It will start with them launching missiles at South Korea and Japan with nukes. They will invade across the entire country.

          We have very few troops to stop them and with a possible nuke(s) on military bases in Japan we would need to await troops from Hawaii 25th Inf, 1st MEB, and west coast troops so it could take up to 60-90 days before US troops arrive in country, with all the equipment to fight a war.


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            No. Korea has been the bully that demands your lunch money since grand pa. To show what happens if they don't get it they do something with missals or nuclear. So for past 60 year every one gave in to the bully. Now we have Trump saying No More! Bully (3rd generation) knows his hand has been called. The UN and China have this whole time advocated giving in to the bully. As shadow Lieutenants they have been able to get No. Korea to give promises that they had/have no intention of keeping to get opposition to back off.

            So now we have a poker game. Kim will either call or fold. Trump is ready to give him an out if he folds but if he calls................... Keep your powder dry boysl
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              I really don't think it will come to a shooting war. Because if it does we will beat him back to the stone age. Mostly sabre rattling to see if he can either provoke POTUS or see just how far he can push his luck. Right now everyone including China is ready to spank him!


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                Perhaps China will shut L'il Kim up permanently.
                China makes a ton of money from the U.S, big box store market.
                Li'l Kim is a fat li'l big mouth.


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                  Looks like little Kim and Trump are not backing down. Don't think Trump should back down on this one as nothing else has worked to put little Kim in his place. So now he plans to send 4 missiles at Guam Neither is going to back down. I am hoping that Trump will win and little Kim will back off. he is so unpredictable though it's hard to say. But I really think both are a loose cannon so we will see what happens.


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                    North Korea is ramping up with their conventional weapons - they are forward deploying their more sophisticated stuff - long range anti-ship missiles have been spotted being loaded onto NK boats - usually the missiles are armory kept .... bound be shore based versions coming out - high altitude anti-aircraft defenses - long range missile batteries aimed at Seoul ....

                    plenty of rabid party believers with their fingers on the button .... could just see the whole thing kick off with another U2 type incident ....


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                      Little Kimmy is being backed into a corner. What happens when a wild animal is backed into a corner? They attack.. Think about it. He has no way out of what he is doing and does not by any means wants to look like a coward. He will strike.


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                        The N.K. thing is part of what brought me to check in here after being gone for so long. Glad to see a discussion of it.

                        What I wish I had a better sense of, is how does North Korea fit into China's interests? And vice versa, for that matter.

                        I hear that China is N.K.'s biggest trading partner--buying a lot of coal from N.Korea and so on. Even though N.K. doesn't seem to care about it's economy in the way most countries do, it's gotta pay bills one way or another, so that maybe explains how China matters to N.K.

                        But in terms of how N.K. matters to China, beyond being a buffer between South Korea and U.S. forces based there, what other value does N.K. have for China?

                        Does China benefit from having a 'mad dog' that stirs things up and causes problems for the U.S./South Korea/Japan in that area? Or is N.K. more of a headache for China? Could be a mix, too, of course.

                        On one extreme, N.K. is a puppet of, or proxy for China. On the other, China is caught up in this mess the way we are: having to react to N.K.'s actions and trying to talk them down from craziness.

                        Could be that China is actually limited in what it can do, but if it isn't limited and if it is somehow manipulating or causing North Korea to act up in the ways that it has regularly done,will the current crisis lead (eventually) to a big sit-down of all parties involved with China emerging as that region's 'decider' and policeman? If it gets N.K. to back down does the U.S. give in to China re China's extending its territorial waters to those newly constructed islands, and so on.

                        Maybe even that the U.S. reduces its forces on the Korean peninsula.

                        But N.K.'s leader's 'crazy man' act is convincing. I can't tell if he's just acting that way or really IS crazy. If he has bought into his own propaganda like was said, all bets are off and things maybe really are up on two wheels and teetering both ways. (Problem is, faking the 'crazy man' act works as a negotiation ploy, so hard to know.)

                        Last thought: how can any resolution, if there is one, be made to stick? How many times has N.K. broken past agreements it made about not developing its nukes?

                        Just thinking out loud on this. Glad for input--and I'm thinking/wondering if this might look pretty different to those who've served in that region. If you're there in Korea or Japan (or Guam? or the Philippines?), does N.K. and/or China come across differently than how they're seen by folks here in the U.S.?
                        Been there, done that. Then been there again several times, because apparently I never learn.


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                          “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority; still more when you superadd the tendency of the certainty of corruption by authority.” - Lord Acton

                          It has yet to be proven that intelligence has any survival value.
                          -Arthur C. Clarke


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                            I do believe that Kim just blinked! He will stand down now until next month when he wants to be in the news again. OR He might launch from his subs into Guam in a 10 minute or less flight time. We just do not know!


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                              Originally posted by RICHFL View Post
                              I do believe that Kim just blinked! He will stand down now until next month when he wants to be in the news again. OR He might launch from his subs into Guam in a 10 minute or less flight time. We just do not know!

                              won't even last that long - this isn't over yet by a long shot - next week the US and South Korea are conducting joint military exercises - NK has uped their usual bitching ....

                              don't count out the unexpected - the whole ball could get rolling thru the actions of some lower rung NK military commander - once the trigger is pulled on some weapon the crap starts flying ...


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                                One interesting item to note....... In spite of the press spinning everything to say trump is on an island and no one else in the world is with him on this, China AND Japan have come out in support of Trump's position and against NK and Kim.

                                China has applied sanctions to NK, and pledged mutual aid if it comes to confrontation.
                                Japan has deployed (the 7th?) fleet which has all the anti-missile defense network. They have said they will not allow NK to send up anything towards Guam or anyone else.

                                I think seeing these powers come in against him is what caused Kim to back off. The US is a large intimidating force, but so far away. Having China and Japan BOTH against him (which is rare for these two powers to come together on an issue) but seeing them line up against him has to have some effect.

                                I think that is why Kim is taking a break. He needs to do some back door wheeling and dealing to make sure he can keep posturing and shooting "test" missiles without being hammered by us, Japan, and China.
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