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Illinois arguing over concealed carry permits

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  • forever_frost
    I wouldn't give up my firearms even IF the government could 100% guarantee my safety. I'm more worried about being safe and secure from them than robbers

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  • unswydd
    Thanks GG! We're all pretty much stocking up on guns, bows and anything else we can get our hands on. We'll be ready!

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  • GlockGirl
    "Arming this state is going to make more and more people feel that they need to protect themselves, and it could escalate all the handguns that are out there," state Rep. Harry Osterman, D-Chicago, told the Post-Dispatch.":rolleyes:

    Ummm, WTF? I see, so personal protection is a bad thing. I wonder if good old Harry Osterman is willing to be held liable for the safety of the unarmed masses since he obviously feels it's ludicrous for them to do it themselves. I have a sneaking suspicion the answer is no.

    "Tom Mannard, of the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, told the paper that he would expect problems with increased violence even though that hasn't been the experience in other states where concealed carry is allowed.

    "We haven't seen mayhem in the street — that doesn't mean the potential isn't there," he said."

    What a tard. With that kind of "reasoning" no one should be issued a drivers license either because the odds are ridiculously higher that you'll be hit and killed by a licensed driver that shot by a CWP holder.

    I'll send some emails and keep my fingers crossed for ya hon.

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  • unswydd
    started a topic Illinois arguing over concealed carry permits

    Illinois arguing over concealed carry permits

    Arguments are reaching a fever pitch in Illinois – and are being ratcheted up in other states – over gun rights, following last year's U.S. Supreme Court opinion in the Heller case that the Constitution does acknowledge an individual's right to be armed. Illinois is one of two states where carrying concealed weapons is banned…

    This is causing some great concern to many here! God Help us!