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  • das
    I agree it is a staggering number but I am certain that even that is being moderated to influence the public reaction. I read that it takes less than 6% of a population to raise a revolution. I don't know if that is true but historically revolutions start with the country populations and move into the urban areas but it seems there really are so few country populations remaining.

    I am not advocating revolution as I don't know if replacing government would even change anything. Many people are saying the change has to come from within each of us. Stop living in debt, stop breaking up families, stop questing for the next 'great' wife/car/house/vacation and find personal satisfaction with less in balance with our place and Earth.

    Some of that I can buy and some of it smacks of environmental fascism. I believe we can be stewards of the Earth but humans are consumers, like all animals. Tool using animals just consume faster and more efficiently. Finding new or more efficient resources seems the logical solution to these issues.

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  • Diesel
    started a topic Want to get pissed?

    Want to get pissed?