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Bill HR 45 in Congress

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  • Bill HR 45 in Congress

    There is a Bill before Congress,Bill HR 45,that if passes will make owning any gun with a magazine illegal and also gives them the right to search your home without consent along with a few more things that go along these lines. Everyone should read this bill and contact everyone they know to contact their Representives in Washington to vote this down. It is about to hit the fan!!

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    HR 45, or the "Blair Holt's Firearms Licensing Act of 2009" has been available to read. I've had the chance to study it, and regarding guns with removable magazines, the proposed bill states anyone who cannot already purchase, transfer, or sell a firearm will not qualify for the license. It also states that if you violate the act, you will be imprisoned for not more than 2 years or fined, or both.

    Owning a "qualifying firearm" after this bill has been passed is unlawful unless said person has been issued a firearm license.

    This has been a topic in past posts, where I've been able to render this bill as an "Ex Post Facto" law.
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