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Glen Beck 2009 Crash..

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  • Glen Beck 2009 Crash..

    "Lighthouses are more helpful than churches" Franklin

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    Oh shoot! I can't view YouTube. Can someone please give the highlights?

    Thanks so much!!!



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      Basically, Glenn talked about how much money the government is pumping into the economy. He then made an Al Gore "of the chart" type chart to show what the government has done since the Great Depression. It was really a good chart, by the way. BUT he also mentioned that nothing like thish as been done in the history of the world and that he and many economists think/believe that it will crash the economy in a year.

      Good post by the way.


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        Thanks HP, I appreciate it!


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          Glenn Beck and New Hampshire resolution, and a geat website to visit!
          Working to Expand Liberty The NHLA is a non-partisan coalition working to increase individual freedom in New Hampshire. We review and rate bills in the State Legislature, and recommend how legislators should vote on bills, based on how they affect individual liberties. We compile report cards on legislators, based on their support for individual liberty. …


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            This "bail out" is really scary stuff the amount of cash that this is pumping into the money pool is staggering! It can't help but cause huge inflation. The numbers are mind numbing almost incomprehensible. I heard a good analogy the other day about how much money a Trillion dollars is, here goes. "Suppose you opened a business and things didn't go so well, so bad in fact that you were losing a million dollars a day , everyday! 365 days a year. At this rate how long do you think it would take to lose a Trillion dollars? Most people I have asked this just off the cuff , guess 50 years?, 100 years? not even close! at a loss rate of a million dollars a day it would take 2739 YEARS! to lose a Trillion Dollars. When you take into consideration that the current national debt is 10.8 trillion (not counting the Social Security debt and the current war debt) and the total of all these "Bail-out/ stimulus package" crap is now estimated at over 9 trillion, You get some picture of the bleakness of our situation. Even Warren Buffett , one of the smartest investors of our time says he doesn't see how the US Dollar could not fail.
            We are going to wake up one day and find our money is worthless. A lot of people are worried about the banks collapsing, I'm worried about the currency collapsing!