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Mexico"s Military crossing into the U.S.

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  • Mexico"s Military crossing into the U.S.

    Would it be considered an act of war if our military crossed into Mexico? Well, why is it not an act of war when they cross into the US? They are crossing to protect the drug trafficing and immigarant crossings. Here is a link to the report.

    G.I.H.S.O. Going In Hot, Safety Off.

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    Well perhaps they can send some doctors to work in our hospitals treating their citizens, and maybe they can get round up a few of their undesirables while they are over here. As long as they are gonna invade they need to do something useful.

    Wishful thinking
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      Wow! I can't imagine why this is being tolerated? Can somebody explain it?


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        My g-d man!!! I have been yelling about this for the last couple of months here. Texas is being invaded and the rest of the country just ignores it.


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          Originally posted by lazer128 View Post
          Wow! I can't imagine why this is being tolerated? Can somebody explain it?
          I can.

          This country is being overrun by pansies.

          If someone doesn't work, we feed them, because nobody has the backbone to let em starve if they won't get a job.
          Nobody has the balls to say no to anyone anymore for any reason. Everyone is entitled to .... insert something here... medical care, education, etc etc etc.
          We can't let anybody's self esteem get hurt. so we coddle everyone.

          Niobody has the guts to stand up for what is right, so people turn their eye to problems and watch the latest episode of survivor. More people know who was voted off than what the constitution says.

          You think our liberal government will go to war to stop the poor mexicans who only want a better life? Yeah right. Lets ignore the beheading and military incursions, and give them care in our hospotals and educate them in our schools (if you call it an education, personally I think we aren't educating anyone worth a damn anyway because nobody cares)

          OK, now I feel a little better.
          My weapon can kill, it isn't limited to mere assault


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            The poor little Mexicans are too weak to overthrow their own MEXICAN government..
            That is why they are here...overthrowing OURS.


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              Any good snipers in the southern States?
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                Saw a story on the news about Arizona, the police are dealing with a case of kidnapping by the drug cartels every day, a NEW case everyday. They had to start a new squad in the police dept just to deal with the enormous amount of new cases.
                I think that there using psychological warfare to control boarder towns in the US like they do in there country:mad:
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