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David Spade

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  • David Spade

    I missed this when it happened in December. Who knew that David Spade was this cool?

    People in the News: David Spade makes his mark with police
    (Editor's Note: This story has been changed since it was first published to correctly identify police spokesman Andy Hill. His first name was incorrect in the earlier version.)

    The Phoenix Police Department has received some high-powered goodies courtesy of actor David Spade.

    The one-time Phoenix resident donated $100,000 so the department can buy about 50 AR-15 rifles.

    Spade said he wanted to make the donation after seeing a TV news report about Phoenix officers having to buy their own rifles. Spade grew up in the Phoenix area and graduated from Arizona State University.

    Phoenix Police Sgt. Andy Hill says the rifles will be given to patrol officers and that the agency was grateful for the gifts.

    "These guys need to be able to do their jobs and I am just happy I could help," Spade said in a statement released by his publicist.

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    Wow, and all this time I just thought he was a liberal commie oxygen-thief...
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      What Spade did is quite interesting. What are his intentions? That's what I do not know. What are his intentions? Does anyone know if he is pro 2nd Amendment? Or is he just helping arm "The Government" for when they come to take the guns of citizens? Is he a "Hollywood Liberal"? Does he believe only "the Police" or "The Government" should be allowed to have guns? I dunno, I'm just askin'?
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        Don't really know. I just thought it was really nice of him to help out his local LEO's when he heard that they had to come off the hip with money to protect the local people. Regardless of his stand, that was a hell of a move on his part!


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          still don't trust the little weasle!!!!!


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            I think he will still be on the FEMA train and fenced in with the sheep.


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              I remember reading one time where he donated 25k to a fallen Phoenix officer's family. I thought that was nice of him.


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                I say...

                follow their actions - not what they say...


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                  Now, if David Spade had one of his own AR-15's and was a regular at the shooting range or at hunting clubs, that would raise him up many notches in my book. Maybe if he did gun safety commercials like Slim Pickens used to do in the early Eighties, that would be even better.
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                    PHX has the highest kidnapping rate in the USA, maybe he's just buying some insurance for his family still in PHX
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