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News to ponder 2-1-20009

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  • News to ponder 2-1-20009

    q2Ash Rains Down on Tokyo After Volcano Erupts

    Sunday, February 01, 2009

    TOKYO — A volcano erupted near Tokyo early Monday, spewing a plume of smoke more than a mile high and raining ash down on parts of the city. There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage.
    Mount Asama, about 90 miles northwest of Tokyo, erupted at 1:51 a.m. Monday, according to Japan's Meteorological Agency. Chunks of rock from the explosion were found about 3,300 feet away from the volcano.
    The agency said volcanic ash fell on nearby areas as well as parts of Tokyo. TV reports showed neighborhoods sprinkled with white flakes.
    An alert level of three, which urges nearby residents to take caution, was kept in place for a 2.5 mile radius. Alert level four advises residents to prepare for evacuation, while level five, the highest, orders evacuation, according to the agency.
    The last major eruption of Mount Asamo took place in September 2004, the agency said.
    With 108 active volcanos, Japan is among the most seismically busy countries in the world. The country lies in the "Ring of Fire" — a series of volcanoes and fault lines that outline the Pacific Ocean.

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