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This is what we prepare for - ALASKA BUG OUT

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  • This is what we prepare for - ALASKA BUG OUT

    This forum serves many purposes, both survival and disaster. Disasters can be both natural and man made...

    But what is about to happen is a PERFECT reason to be prepared, be ready to bug out, and for forums likes this one.

    You never know what can happen

    Alaska volcano expected to erupt soon

    Alaska volcano may erupt in days
    A volcano in south-central Alaska could erupt within days or weeks.

    In the shadows of Mount Redoubt, Alaskans are calmly waiting for the volcano to erupt -- an event that could occur at any time.

    * Story Highlights
    * The 10,200-foot Mount Redoubt is about 100 miles southwest of Anchorage, Alaska
    * Volcano last erupted in December 1989
    * Eruption could spawn huge mudflows, disrupt flights with ash

    (CNN) -- A volcano in south-central Alaska could erupt within days or weeks, authorities said.

    "The level of seismic activity" has "increased markedly" in recent days at Mount Redoubt, a 10,197-foot peak about 100 miles southwest of Anchorage, the state's most populous city, according to the Alaska Volcano Observatory.

    "We don't have a crystal ball," said Peter Cervelli, a research geophysicist with the observatory. But "we expect based on the past behavior of this volcano that this activity is going to culminate in an eruption."

    The activity has consisted "of a combination of discrete, relatively small earthquakes and periods of more continuous volcanic tremor." The activity prompted the observatory to raise the alert level Sunday, the observatory said.

    The volcano last erupted nearly 20 years ago, in December 1989, and continued until April 1990. Geologists think there could be an eruption "similar to or smaller than the one that occurred in 1989-90."

    The eruption nearly two decades ago spread ash in Kenai, about 50 miles west of the mountain, and in Anchorage, where it disrupted air traffic operations. Cervelli said the ash plumes caused engine failure on a jet during that period.

    "It's not the closest volcano to Anchorage," Cervelli said, but "it has the potential to disrupt air traffic at Anchorage."

    The 1989-90 eruption also spurred volcanic mudflows, or lahars, that flowed east down the Drift River. The ash fall was seen as far away as Fairbanks and the Yukon Territory border.

    The observatory is aggressively monitoring the volcano. It has set up a Web camera near the summit of the mountain and and another within Cook Inlet. It plans continued visual surveillance and will measure gas output and analyze satellite and weather-radar data.

    All AboutAlaska • Geology

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    If any natural grouping of people are gonna be prepared for survival, I'd say it would be Alaskans. Although they are probably 'spoiled' in Anchorage, being in a city and all...
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      The best part about Alaskans is the fact that they're used to the climate of the area, so if they had to go ANYWHERE, I expect the majority of them would be just fine.

      I worked with a guy from Alaska, and I still think it's weird to watch him wander around in the dead of winter with a light jacket, long sleeve shirt, and a tuke.
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        Lived in Palmer, just ouside (45 min) of Anchorage for three years.....IMO, toughest folks in the country....they'll probably just wipe it off and go trout fishin in the inlet for a few days......
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