I like this UK newspaper much better than my local ones. They actually cover more of the economy of the US.

Icelandic PM becomes world's first leader to step down over banking system crisis

<The global economic crisis claimed its first leader yesteday, as Iceland's prime minister announced the immediate resignation of his government following the collapse of the country's currency and banking system.>

Obama seeks to repair damage in Middle East diplomacy drive

<Barack Obama has sought to mend America's ties with the Muslim world, declaring: "Americans are not your enemy.">
You know the conspiracy websites are going mad over this news, since Obama is Muslim and they figure he is selling us out to his cronies.

Global recession costs 80,000 jobs a day

<The depth of the global recession was glimpsed yesterday when almost 80,000 jobs were lost or put under threat in the UK, Europe and US, making it one of the bleakest days in recent memory>

Financial crisis: Gordon Brown calls for new global order

<PM Gordon Brown today called for a "new global order" to deal with the economic crisis as he warned against the protectionist policies of the 1930s>