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Glenn Beck & Ron Paul - GOV is responsible for all of this

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  • Visinedrops
    Ron Paul stated "You can't create billions and billions of dollars and think we can bail out all the bad investments." "'s sort of contagious."
    My View:
    Run-away inflation will happen. Prices will begin to go down as companies strive for business, but it will only go so low before they can't afford to sell things at such a reduced rate. In order to maintain business, the prices will skyrocket.

    We've increased the money supply by 70%. There is no financial backing of this 'new' money, so the value of the dollar has already decreased.

    Ron Paul also stated, "You'll have to start over again with a new system." And basing on the trust in the dollar, he states, "I believe that will come to an end."

    I believe this financial crisis that the government has placed us into will end at the introduction of the Amero, and I believe it's not that far off.

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  • Rustyshakelford

    How can that be? I thought everything is ok now that Prez Obama is in charge? Plus, doesn't the government have the best interests of the American people in mind? Aren't they our elected officials who are responsible to we the people? I am ashamed you have such anti-government beliefs. Shocked, I say, SHOCKED I am.

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  • Glenn Beck & Ron Paul - GOV is responsible for all of this