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News to Ponder 1-26-2009

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  • News to Ponder 1-26-2009

    U.S. Woefully Unprepared for Flu Pandemic

    related: Report Shows U.S. Only Half Ready for Flu Pandemic

    January 23, 2009
    By Mike Adams

    The United States is remarkably unprepared for an influenza pandemic, says a new report from the U.S. Health and Human Services department. All that's really been accomplished is the stockpiling of drugs and the organization of vaccine programs, but those programs do nothing to address the months of disruption in essential services likely to occur in the aftermath of a flu pandemic.

    The report doesn't even mention the fact that stockpiled vaccines will of course be useless against some future mutated influenza strain. That's because viruses mutate rapidly in the wild, quickly making existing vaccines obsolete.

    An outbreak of infectious disease in the U.S. is inevitable, most health experts agree. That's because modern society is set up as nearly a perfect storm for viral outbreaks: High population density, widespread nutritional deficiencies, immune suppression, rampant nutritional illiteracy, vitamin D deficiency and an overdependence on pharmaceuticals.

    I'm a proponent of the theory that the next influenza pandemic will demonstrate the utter failure of western medicine while highlighting the success of those who turn to herbs and natural medicine to survive. Anti-viral herbs are far more potent than anti-viral pharmaceuticals because they contain hundreds (or even thousands) of different anti-viral compounds that act in concert to prevent viral replication. Pharmaceuticals, meanwhile, are usually limited to one isolated chemical that can be easily thwarted by viral mutation.

    Those who die in the next pandemic will be people who foolishly place their faith in a broken system of medicine that has no answers for runaway infectious disease. In fact, it is western medicine's assault on herbs and nutritional supplements that will ultimately make any infectious disease outbreak far worse than it needs to be.