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New from Florida.

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  • New from Florida.

    Hello to everyone! I'm new to these forums and found them quite by accident. My DH and I are currently in the process of getting our BOBs together. We don't have a lot of money coming in, but we try to get at least something for them every week. It's very gratifying to me to feel that we're at least doing something, instead of nothing.

    We have a six year old, and that's something I don't find enough information on: how to bug out with your kids. My son is on the autism spectrum (the higher end, Aspberger's and ADHD) and also very young. He doesn't understand that when we take walks in the woods/forest, we're trying to prepare him to stay quiet and follow us closely. I'm going to look around and see whatall I can find about bugging out with your kids. I'm already intending to make his own little BOB, with important things (for him) like his favorite stuffie, a toy or two, extra clothes, and things of that nature.

    I came onto these forums trying to find out recommendations for the best state to live in if SHTF or TEOTWAWKI. We currently live near Tampa, FL, and both of us know that as much as we love FL...this is simply not a good place to be if we have a complete global collapse. We're trying to look around for somewhere better, even if it means him leaving his home state. Obviously present day things are also a concern, such as being able to find jobs and a place to live, but we'd like to be closer to the middle of nowhere so that we feel a bit safer.

    Anyways, those are just a couple things going through my head at the moment. It's early so hopefully I'm making grammatical sense!

    Oh yes. Also would love to (virtually) meet others from my area. I haven't looked long and hard over the regions section yet.

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    Welcome from W. Tenn
    You don't have to be perfect, but you better be smart!!!


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      Welcome from central IL.
      Peace is that brief glorious moment in history when everybody stands around reloading.


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        Welcome from Central Alabama.
        Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it. *George Bernard Shaw


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          Welcome from NC.
          Kids offer a whole different dynamic on prepping. It gets easier as they get older. I realize that you may be facing some tougher challenges than some, but it sounds like you're off to a good start.
          The 12ga.... It's not just for rabbits anymore.


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            Welcome to the forum.

            Read and learn about subjects that interest you, while writing about your experiences.

            Remember you are not alone.

            I want you to read my little speech to all new comers, looking to see the light at the end of a very long tunnel. Take my advice to heart, it will save you a lot of money...

            You have to sit down and make some major decisions before you begin:

            1. What type(s) of disasters do you want to prepare for?

            - There is two major categories of disasters:

            a. Natural where you cannot do much to prevent it, You can (Bug-Out) get out of the way of Weather including tornadoes and hurricanes. You can (SIP) Stay In Place for the earthquakes, wild fires, etc.

            b. Man-Made where again you can Bug-Out or SIP for war/terror attacks, Nuclear/Chemical Spill, financial/economic collapses, etc.

            2. How many people in your group/How many days, months, years to prepare for?

            - You need to figure out how much food, water and other supplies will be need to support the group.

            a. Food:

            - you need a minimum of 2000 calories per adult per day (SIP) and above 3000 while Bugging-Out.

            - A Good formula for total calories is No. of people X No. of days X 2000/3000 + 10 Percent = Your No.

            b. Water:

            - Water weighs-in at 8 pounds per gallon so is hard to carry far. If Bugging Out you need portable water filters in your Bug-Out bags. Filter the water as you move on.

            - If SIP you need a minimum of 2 sources of fresh water. Do not count county/city water as a source. You can use private wells, lakes, rivers, etc.

            - F.E.M.A. now states you need 3-5 gallons of water each day for survival use. Before Katerina it was 1.

            3. What skills will you need to make up your Group?

            - Within most groups you can break down it into several sections:

            Leader(s)are the final decisions makers concerning the group as a whole.

            Medical Section is concerned with all health and sanitation issues.

            Site Maintenance Section is responsible for cooking, food/water storage, farming, animal control, etc.

            Scroungers Section is responsible for finding things needed to support the group. They are the hunters and fishing experts. Used by Security for RECON of local area.

            Security Section is responsible for internal and external security of the group, including firearms, hand-to-hand, and weapons maintenance training for the group.

            4. How many people in your group?

            The number is up to you to decide. How many people from your immediate and extended family, your friends, etc. Remember the more people involved, the greater the amount of food, water, and other supplies needed.

            This my groups' setup: it involves 5 states, 26 adults, (?) on number of kids, and has purchased a farm in MN as our ultimate hide out. We have been working together since 1995.

            You can set up your group any way you want to. This was our way.


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              Hello and welcome from NC.
              "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately."
              -Ben Franklin


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                Hello viridiansoul : Zeke from Tenn.
                Be prepared; Some thing is going to happen


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                  Hey, there is a pretty active prepper group in Tampa( tampa readiness and survival) i can get you the website. Also one in sarasota.
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                  "The constitution does not guarantee our safety, only our liberty!" Robert Steed before congress 3/2013

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                    Welcome from South Alabama


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                      Welcome from southern Minnesota.


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                        My better half's are bi- polar and asberger's. The kids are 18and 15 and it takes quite a bit of patience to get anything accomplished ,due to lack of attention span and the self centering thing.good luck!! It isn't easy and it just gets tougher with age(hour's not theirs )


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                          Welcome to the site and hello from NH.

                          SEMPER PARATUS


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                            welcome aboard from Newport News VA