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Yet another guy from Middle TN

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    Originally posted by slowz1k View Post
    p.s. Don't forget to show off that EDC! We want to see it!!!
    I keep ping-ponging back and forth on whether to get a Kifaru E&E or not.

    I've got a ZXR, which is great for hauling stuff but not real convenient to get small stuff in and out of, so I'm thinking an E&E with a couple of skinny-mini's on it would do double duty by carrying my EDC stuff and my 'often used' small stuff out of the big bag too.

    I keep sorting through my 'stuff' thinking OK, if I got 'this', then where would 'that' go, and how woud 'this' work out . . . . you know.

    I'm probably gonna get one. It looks like a better solution than anything else I'm finding.