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Hi from Indiana

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  • Hi from Indiana

    Hi everyone,
    I am Tresia...a 54 year old grandma who has lived on both coast and now resides in Avon, Indiana...Just west of Indianapolis.

    I have a son who is very into long term food storage and survival...he had been on me for the last 4 or 5 year to get with the program, make a plan, bug-out bags and long term food storage, We have 4 of our grandchildren living with us and one other elderly people we are responsible for. I had tons of food in our house, I can from our garden (which did not do to good last year due to rain and flooding) and buy in bulk and keep our freezers stocked and we are on a well for our water so I felt with a hand pump we were good to go.

    The all this civil unrest starting coming about,...the guys my husband work with told him he needs to prepare and started sending him information...well I took it over because I have more time...When I started reading about what a truckers strike could do to our food supply and thinking how many people we are responsible for their food...I took action.

    I decided I would turn a bedroom closet into a storage locker for food. I cleaned out all of my cabinets and was very disgusted to realize I had things that I brought from NC when I moved here in Feb O6. So much expired food and I had no idea if it was good or I placed all the cans with an expirations date of with in 2 years and opened them, the ones that still looked good and smelled good we ate...the rest I threw away.

    I then decided I would not go grocery shopping for a few weeks and see how long everything I had lasted..with in a week feeding 8-10 people every day we were low to where I could have maybe just went a couple more days...I went to the grocery and stocked backed up...but I then decided I would order some freeze dried food...and do some research about the long term food storage...I was so afraid when I see most companies were 16 weeks out. I read the rumors that our government is and has been stock piling freeze dried food.

    Well I came across this company called Shelf Reliance...loved what they had to say and what was being said about them on the net...decided I would be buying a lot of food and decided to become a distributor..but while sharing my freeze dried food with friends, I started telling everyone about the other things we are doing to prepare and the interest has taken off like wildfire.

    So now that I have typed your ears off..I am in the mist of making a presentation to present to different groups and churches in my area...I will help other s prepare and make money to reinvest in food for our family. I still cannot believe that a can of strawberries opened my eyes and many others.

    I found this cite while looking for mylar bags and some You Tube clips to send to people on how to store dry food in them.

    Anyone with any ideas for a basic preparation or some tricks of the trade please feel free to contact me. I am just getting into seed saving and would love to hear from some on e that....feel free to email me. I do have my website linked on my profile. My email is my name here at AOL....please put in the subject from survival magazine. I hope I have something I can contribute soon...Thanks.

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    welcome to the site, great intro post

    The best thing you can do to support the site is pass it on to your friends and fav sites like other forums, facebook, twitter etc. Let people know about us! :)


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      Howdy, nice to meet ya.


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        Welcome from NC, glad to meet you.
        "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately."
        -Ben Franklin


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          Greetings.....WOW.....jump right on in why don't ya?:).....Lotta good info on this site....posted by people just like you....welcome to the party.

          Shelf Reliance is is where is running behind on shipping of orders....and it's not just the gov't's everyone.....which is terrifying in itself.

          But welcome....Echo2
          Live like you'll die tomorrow, learn like you'll live forever.


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            Originally posted by survivalcookie View Post
            Hi everyone, .... I am just getting into seed saving and would love to hear from some on e that...
            Welcome to the forum .... you may already be aware but just in case, many seeds don't have much of a "shelf" life. Carrots for instance are good for about a year. So make certain you get seeds from open pollinated veggies or heirloom.

            Things are seldom what they seem.


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              Welcome from NC
              Great to have you here!
              The 12ga.... It's not just for rabbits anymore.


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                Way to go survivalcookie. Just jump right on in. Welcome from SE Arizona.
                As Zombie Axe would say...
                "Someday someone may kill you with your own gun, but they should have to beat you to death with it because it is empty."


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                  Thanks everyone for such a warm welcome...I really love this site, can't wait to get some time to really dig into it...wish I had found it during the wineter.


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                    Welcome to the site. Great post