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Greetings from Denver Colorado

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  • Greetings from Denver Colorado

    Hey guys,

    I've been visiting the site for a bit. Had a log on before but it disappeared! Probably because I have been inactive (or it is my own amnesia ;) ). So I thought I might introduce myself this time around since before I did just mostly browsing :)

    I live in Southern Denver and am currently attending college hoping to become a Doctor. I have... *counts fingers and toes* forever till I graduate if being a doctor is truly what I decide to do, but so far that is what interests me the most: I love learning about the human body.

    I just recently (yesterday) bought a Mil-Tec camo camping/hiking backpack for my school books, supplies, etc and was thinking about filling its two removable side bags with emergency survival gear in case I need to bug out in a hurry! Any suggestions? The two bags are not on the bag when I go to school so I was thinking it would be an easy quick switch if I ever need to load up and get out fast. They probably can hold about 2 liters of supplies each.

    As well, my Bass waterproof boots are just about dead and I'm looking to replace them. I walk in boots everywhere and like having ankle protection as well as being able to walk through goop and dirt without getting my socks dirty. I tried on Danner EMT II boots but they don't fit right on the heel and also tried some Bates (don't remember the model) but they didn't my size. I thought I might ask before I go back to the army navy surplus store to try on more.

    Any suggestions on a good comfortable versatile boot? Same idea... If I need to bug out, my feet are protected from the get-go. Or do you think it would be better just to buy separate boots for buggin out than for everyday milling around on campus?

    Anyway :) My names Dan and I'm glad to be here!
    Great to meet everyone in advance.

    Ps. I can repost my questions under another chat folder if you guys would think I'd get a better answer.

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    How bout...
    Granola bars
    Decent knife
    Contact info for loved ones/important people
    Small First Aid kit
    Water purification tabs?
    Fire Source
    extra pair of socks (until you get your boots...)

    I have a pair of Columbia hikers that feel like tennis shoes... I love em, but probably not quite rugged enough for long term SHTF work...


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      Welcome from Kentucky.
      Every Day , Is A Bonus.


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        Thanks for the replies :)

        And water purification tablets and fire is at the top of my list after thinking about your suggestions. It can get cold out here in Co and without fire, I'd be pretty screwed. Water isn't extremely hard to find, but the water I find probably won't be suitable for drinking or I won't know whether it is suitable for drinking or not.

        Next on my list is going to classes. I've already taken CPR and I'm hoping to take EMT classes this summer, but if not, I'll redo my CPR and take first aid.

        Thanks for the suggestion and the welcome!


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          Welcome Doc! I do not know how many medical professionals there are on the forum, but does not seem to anything above the EMT level, so even pre-med knowledge is welcome. Post your questions in the appropriate forum to get the best answers and scroll wisely.



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            I'll be learning a lot more soon and hopefully will be able to help answer general biology and general chemistry questions if they ever come up.

            Thanks LH