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Hello from WA.

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  • Hello from WA.

    I figured seeings as I've taking a TON of knowledge away from this forum lurking in the back alley. I'd introduce myself.

    So, hello from WA. I came here looking for information on Bug out Bags and found so much more. Thank you.

    BTW: my bug out bag is in pretty good shape. I just have to find a way to reduce it from 65lbs down to like 40lbs.

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    Welcome. I'm also in WA, Wenatchee to be exact. Glad to have you aboard.
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      Welcome as well from another Washington native. Nothing wrong with lurking in the background, it all about learning. If you have insight on some topic great, if not that is ok as well. living in Seattle, that bug out bag will come in handy. Most folks don't even have a flashlight in their apartment, let alone more then a half of a sandwhich from Subway in their fridge.


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        I'm sure glad I'm NOT from WA, I hate that place!
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          Welcome from Michigan. Glad you've joined us.


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            Thanks everybody. I'll get some pictures of my bug out bag setup online soon.


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              [BTW: my bug out bag is in pretty good shape. I just have to find a way to reduce it from 65lbs down to like 40lbs.]

              I first had to decide the purpose of my bag just to ensure I didn't leave anything out. Given current events and the rapidly declining global situation, I decided my bag must be able to support me should I have to undertake a nomadic lifestyle. I placed, spread out, all that would be contained in my bag in my prep room. I placed in my bag MUST have items to keep me nourished, hydrated and clothed. My bag/rucksack now weighed 55lbs. I hoisted the ruck on my back and decided to take a stroll through my neighborhood to see just how much effort this might require. 1 mile @ 55 lbs. kicked my butt.
              Realizing the amount of weight accumulated and factoring in my age and semi-sedentary lifestyle, I decided then that I would hump that ruck daily until it was virtually effortless ..... it hasn't become effortless, nor do I expect it to but my ruck weighs 87 lbs now and I'm humping it 4.2 miles every other day. My struggle now isn't so much with the load as is the shear boredom. Don't let the weight be the issue. Get yourself into condition to carry and procure what you will need to survive .... we are about to "transition" to a condition where your mental and physical state will determine whether you survive and the level of comfort you achieve. Welcome to the community ..... and good luck.
              Things are seldom what they seem.


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                Welcome aboard....
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