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    Originally posted by infinity View Post
    Thanks for all the great ideas. I just would never have thought of them and it makes me feel a little more confident about even beginning this journey.
    The only water I would have access to would be the stuff coming out of my tap. I do own my own home, but there isn't any spring or creek nearby that I know of. I'm in a small town made mostly of others who commute into Nashville everyday.
    Welcome. Tennessee has a great many natural sources of water, you may need to get out and find it but its there. Are you near Clarksville? Not all of us can be prepared for every possible catastrophe but there is a heap of info here to help you get an idea for your basic needs. Try to recall moments in your life when you were the hungriest, coldest, most physically miserable in your life. There is your start do what ever it takes to prevent that from occurring again....NOW! In the near future you may not have the opportunity. Each of us posses a valued skill that can benefit a collective effort for survival. Not all of us are expert marksmen, trackers, fortress builders, ect. Can you sew, do you have medical training, can you......? Stop worrying....take a deep breath....and begin preparing. Again, welcome.
    Things are seldom what they seem.