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  • Hello from the Northwoods

    I live on a small farm along the Wisconsin River in the Northern Wisconsin backwoods and enjoy elf sufficient living. I was recently accused of being a prepper, a term I had not heard before. So I am looking into what that means to see if I qualify.

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    Fen, welcome to the site and the group. Please ask questions and share information. As you were called a prepper because of your activities, you have good advice to share.

    Preppers are people preparing for societal collapse, natural disasters, or any other type of large-scale event that would disrupt life.
    With Ida, there are a lot of people who wished they were prepared. I haven't seen a societal collapse; however, I have experienced blizzards, ice storm and hurricanes. After over two weeks without power, I ate well.
    Personally, I take being called a prepper as a compliment.


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      Yeah. The term "prepper" came out, I'd say, prior to the whole 2012 Mayan Calendar end of the world thing which I believe helped propel the popularity of being prepared. People jumped on it because it was the in thing. The stupid TV shows, books (mine is one! LOL!) products, Etc etc. I much rather be called a "Prepper" than a "Survivalist'" (Which I was known as in the last century! LOL!)

      Welcome aboard!

      I'm not a fatalist. I'm a realist.


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        Welcome being from Single Wi. I understand where you are coming from. Read and ask questions. There are many here to help you along.