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  • Diving back down the rabbit hole

    I was born in north Jersey. Not much in the way of prepping in my old neighborhood. Lucky for me, I was raised by depression-era parents from Virginia and West Virginia. School meant being in Jersey, but summers were spent in mom and dad's home states, as well as Tennessee, Kentucky, the Carolinas, NOLA, Texas, and Wyoming. Dad came from a long line of moonshiners and pure rednecks. He taught me the mental toughness required for off-grid living and self-reliance. My grandma lived to the age of 92 without ever having indoor plumbing or electricity. She helped foster the work ethic in me. My family lived generally an old-school lifestyle and as a kid, it seemed somewhat pointless to me. About twenty years ago, I found myself longing for those experiences. I also realized around that time that the world was on a slow burn towards collapse. So, I took everything I learned as a child and started to build on it.
    I know it is strange to use "fortunately" and "homeless" in the same sentence but, I ended up homeless at one point and fortunately, I had the skill that had been drilled into me. Those skills definitely kept my ass alive. Anyway, I see that slow burn turning into a roaring flame now, so I figure it is time to put more effort into my prepping and survival knowledge. Good to be here with like-minded individuals.

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    not so long ago, I lived in an old minivan for 3 years on sales of my blood plasma. I saved the college loans and used them to get an Asian Dentist here as my wife. She paid me $600 a week, cash, in return for the chance to make big money here, for the 3 years it took her to become a US citizen. I put everything in the name of a NV corporation and 'rented" it from them. :-) She knew better than to try to take my stuff when we divorced. It would have been the end of her. I used the money to buy big old houses with veterans VA home loans and converted each one into lots of 9x7 ft weekly rental rooms. The vet got one free for his trouble and eventually, he became the live-in tenant manager. They get the rent money from the room that I vacated. Now I clear 50k a year without having to lift a finger, other than look at the videos and video chat with my managers. almost daily. I have a CPA and a property management company "ride-herd" on my managers.