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    Hey guys and gals. I'm new here but not new to survival forums. I left another popular forum that I had been a member of for 11 years because one of the managers deleted a post I started. Oh well, it happens..

    Anyway, I'm into Survival guns, bows, vehicles, BOB's, BOV's.. ohh, and I tie a good bit of paracord using regular paracord and a smaller cord for Lacrosse rackets that I buy from a place in Arizona. My paracord easel and tons of cord have followed me to places like Phoenix, Las Vegas, Dan Francisco, and Dublin Ireland and I've tied all kinds of things. When I make bracelets for someone, I charge $5.00 and basically 80% goes to a no-kill animal shelter. I like to wrap all my handles on bags with paracord so it's a lot easier on the hand when you have some weight in it. I've also wrapped my Springfield M6 barrels with paracord mainly to hold the two copper tubes I have running alongside the barrels that carry extra shotgun rounds.

    OK, that's all for an intro, if you see me in the forums give me a shout if you have any questions..