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  • Howdy Do from East Texas

    I am a well-aged long term survivalist. My Dad would have been called that now. He considered it as just being self-sufficient and prepared for almost anything. I was raised doing a lot of things in the old ways. We grew and canned a lot of what we ate. Then as a young adult, I became a bit more militant and became associated with a militia group. I have been a range master, a licensed gunsmith and dealer, a machinist, Carpenter, Roofer, Plumber, Electrician, and Ac/heating, and appliance repair tech. I reload, male knives and have made my life into a hobby and tried to learn everything in the way of making things and repairing them and survival techniques. I eventually settled in the woods in east Texas near Lake Livingston and started a repair business and worked on anything that you would find in a home, motel, or restaurant. I am retired now and write and fish and pursue my many hobbies.

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    Welcome to this forum.
    One day you eat the day the left-over five days you eat chicken feathers, head and feet.


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      Welcome from Eastern Missouri. Glad you found us, and good to have you with us.
      The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

      Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason is you are stupid, and make bad decisions.


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        Welcome from Oklahoma. Glad to have you and your many talents with us.


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          Welcome from Alaska!


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            Well, I'm from Texas also and I can't post a new topic in introductions because this stupid ad with survival food covers the new topic button and I see no way to get rid of it. So, I won't waste any more time here.


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              Welcome to the forum from West Virginia.