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  • Thanks!

    Hi everyone. I am new to prepping and I am here to learn. Any and all suggestions welcome especially about where I should start first? Thanks in advance.

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    It's really too late to do any hardcore prepping at this point. The crap has already hit the fan and most people don't know it. It's never too late to make decisions in preparation for what's coming though.

    Start by writing a list of what you need to live: Food, water, shelter, etc. Dont write things that aren't conducive to basic survival. IE internet, TV and other forms of entertainment. Contrary to popular belief, we can live without being entertained.

    Now that you have your list. Start gathering these items! Go to the grocery store and buy long term food items: canned goods, staples and good old rice and beans! Remember, people have survived on little generations before you. Dont buy doritos, seriously, buy a can of black beans.

    Find a good source of fresh clean water other than your faucet . Do you have a river or creek nearby? Water can be boiled and treated from just about any source. If you dont have a filter, boil the crap out of it!

    Have a place to hole up in! Your house works or apartment. Dont get comfy though. Have a plan to be sheltered on the run. A tent Works. Make sure you have blankets or a sleeping bag.

    Have the ability to make fire.

    Have a sharp knife.

    These are the basics. There are more of course. My advice to you and anyone else starting out is to find someone or a group of someones who have been prepping and have the supplies to make it! Find a real face to glean from. :)

    I'm not a fatalist. I'm a realist.


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      Patty-Ann..........welcome to this forum. If your in a city....Get-out while the getting out is an option. Find a good place to hide.
      One day you eat the day the left-over five days you eat chicken feathers, head and feet.