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Hello from North Central Florida

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  • Hello from North Central Florida

    I am a firearms enthusiast and, living in a hurricane zone, I think of myself as more self-sufficiency/emergency-proof than "survivalist". ie, I'm not going off into the woods to live primitive, but I live in a rural area and also own acreage that we used to live on before moving a little closer to civilization to care for aging relatives. I pressure can, I'm one of the worst gardeners ever, I'm tinkering with a combination of reducing the power demands of the house and looking at solar options (in the meantime we have a backup generator). I do some metal and woodworking, fix almost anything, and maintain an unquenchable curiosity as to how things work (and how they could work better). My education is in engineering and my interests in most sciences, so I don't buy Global Warming or Man-made Climate change, but DO believe that we should be cleaner and more self-sufficient in our practices on this earth. I have no kids, but my wife and I work hard to give our cats a better life.


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    Welcome to the forum! Great introduction! I look forward to your posts!


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      One day you eat the day the left-over five days you eat chicken feathers, head and feet.


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        Welcome from Missouri. Good to have you with us.
        The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

        Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason is you are stupid, and make bad decisions.


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          Welcome from the Gunshine state. Are you ready for Dorian?


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            Welcome to here! I'm looking forward to your posts.

            I just may steal your "emergency-proofing" term. It fits!


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              Welcome !

              Nervous time, given Dorian has just reached Cat#4 and can't make up its mind if coming or going.

              Even our UK TV news is keeping a wary eye on proceedings, as the boost Dorian may get from the Gulf Stream could kick it up a gear *and* send it tracking North along the coast...

              Take Care Out There !!


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                Heads up !! Dorian now a high-end Cat#5, looking to re-shape coastal map with a storm surge to rival a tsunami.

                If Dorian draws enough heat from Gulf Stream, the weather equivalent of a 'nitro boost', there may be urgent discussions about what it takes for a storm to qualify as a Cat#6, given the scale currently tops-out at #5...

                Be Not There !!


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                  Hey I am in North Central FLA my self


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                    Welcome N.E. Florida Clay Co. here getting ready for the big one.

                    I would give a long written response to who, what, where, when, and most of all why you are here. I have been in the prepper environment since 1993. Myself I have lived thru 76 disasters both man made and natural. Number 77 starts Monday!!!

                    But for now good luck and as they say keep your powder dry.

                    GySgt USMC