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  • Some tips and warnings about the forum

    A few functions here are a little buggy, and until they are fixed here are a few tips to make navigating our forum easier.

    The "New Topics" at the top of the page does not seem to work, but it works (most of the time) in the running column at the far right side of the forum's main page.


    "New Posts" at the top of the page is maddening for some of us (me included).

    Sometimes it works; sometimes it does not. For some, it never works at all. So if you click on it and see "nothing" don't assume that nothing has happened in here since your last visit.

    If you actually happen to see some new posts in the "new posts" list, they can vanish with no warning, but they are still there in the forum.

    Sometimes the list of new posts do show up in the "New Posts" but they can all disappear (or not). If you leave the page to visit a thread that a new post is on and you come back to see the list of other threads you might want to visit, phew, they may all be gone. Hitting the back arrow on your browser won't work to bring them back. Praying, cussing, or chanting ancient shamanistic songs won't work either.

    What will work: copy and paste the list of new posts in a separate document such as Notepad, Google Docs, Word, or your favorite word processing program. Then you should be able to click directly on any thread title in your copied list and it will take you directly to where the thread is.

    If you don't want to bother using the "New Posts" feature, you could scan the entire "floor" at once (the home page where all the forum titles are, where you can see the latest poster's name and tiny avatar, etc.) There you can see at a glance who has posted and when by looking at the dates.


    If you can't make or receive private messages, check your settings and make any needed changes. If that does not work, LOG OUT, then CLEAR YOUR COMPUTER'S CACHE AND COOKIES, then LOGIN again. In that order. If you are not sure how to clear your cache and cookies, Google "How to clear cache and cookies in (insert your computer here).

    If that does not work, I dunno... throw holy water on it or something, lol.

    EDITED TO ADD: This trick seems to work for restoring private messages. See all about it in this thread:


    Can anyone else add to this list of tips and warnings to make navigating our forum easier for newcomers?
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    To our new friends:

    This once-busy forum is in the process of rebuilding after being offline for a while so it is slow because many members do not know that we are back up yet. But it is far from being a dead show. There is a TON of thought-provoking threads to dig up and bring to light for further discussion. We are looking forward to reading your thoughts and input!

    Here are a few ideas to generate the kind of information you need or would like to see, and in the process you can help revitalize one of the best old survival forums on the 'net:

    - Resurrect old threads from our own archives...some are bound to cause a spark of renewed interest and interesting input.

    - Reference historical or personal or hypothetical SHTF events, and ask questions such as “what would you do, and why."

    - If you see an interesting topic in the news, or blogs, or other forums, introduce the general idea into a new thread here.

    - Invite your friends! Show them a link to a thread here, and ask for their opinion.
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      Grizz: I don't think the private messages have worked for some time; even before the crash. It seemed that you had a limited number of messages you could send or receive, and when you met that limit you were done. Even if you tried deleting old messages you seemed to be locked out.

      To the best of my knowledge Buggy is the only moderator left. We haven't heard from Myakka in some time. Maybe Buggy can contact Diesel.

      I certainly would strongly second your recommendation to new members. We would love to have your input, and help with any and all questions. If somebody here doesn't know the answer we can certainly find it.
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        It's been a bit but I think you also need to clear out your sent folder in the messages. I agree it's very limited amount but guessing it's a cost thing due to cost to store on the server.
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          I tried to delete my messages (sent and received) a while back and it deleted them but the next day they would be back. I knew some people were trying to message me but I don't know what else to do.



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            Diesel "MUST" have abandoned this forum, either willfully or by default, maybe he has died, or is incarcerated. Possible POW. The last I remember he was a military "Contractor" and was out of the country. What I remember is that he was overwhelmed with trying to manage this forum, on top of his daily duty requirements.

            I think we need to assume that Diesel is (MIA) Missing in Action. And we need to work from that assumption.

            My best "Wild'ass Guess is that this forum is on full-auto, that there is some advertising money coming in and that somehow there is "AUTO" payment to the server company for expenses.

            I think we need to see if there is a way to get ownership of this forum. And "Management" of this forum.

            I fear.........that we will soon log-in to the forum and get that......."ERROR 404".......and this forum will be gone.

            Sorry.........I have NO hope remaining that Diesel is coming back to save this forum.
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              I just realized that this FORUM is a SHTF event that is effecting me. Kind'a odd that I was not vividly conscious of that till my above post. I feel like something I care about is dying, and I am helpless.
              One day you eat the day the left-over five days you eat chicken feathers, head and feet.


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                Originally posted by Sourdough View Post
                I just realized that this FORUM is a SHTF event that is effecting me. Kind'a odd that I was not vividly conscious of that till my above post. I feel like something I care about is dying, and I am helpless.
                Yes, it WAS dying but is being revived. And you are far from helpless to help save this forum; you CAN and have been doing a lot to help. Over the years, here and in other forums, your threads have taught me to think outside the box more, and to stretch my mind to work out better solutions. Please continue to Invite other friends to here, as you invited me :) Drag up some of your favorite old threads like AppleJack is doing...

                The content here is pure gold. I can say that because I am kinda new here and don't want to leave because, during my two decades of being on the internet, I have never seen a forum like this one. It is unique with intelligent, thought-provoking discussions about the deeper aspects of survival that I have not seen elsewhere. And, it has something else: dedicated members that have somehow kept the fires burning even when there was no wood left to burn. You all know who you are. You keep coming back and nurture even the tiniest spark of interest. Please don't stop!

                Yes, the owner is MIA, but if and when he gets back it would suck to see this fine place spiraling down the toilet. If he never comes back, someone may "inherit" this place. If it is sufficiently revived, WE may want to co-op it, if he has no one in his family that wants it. Perhaps another thread in the chat forum would be a good place to discuss stuff like this, rather than a thread in the Introductions forum?

                Meanwhile, if we as survivors can't navigate the broken pieces of our Sarajevo on the internet, how will we function in a real SHTF?
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                  I have to agree with all of you. Do not know what has happened to Diesel, but this was never like him. He could be a bit slow to respond at times depending on what he was doing but never like this. So I must say he is MIA. The forum is afloat. I did manage to get my messages deleted but it took some doing to get it done.


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                    How did you get your private message thing to working again?
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                      Grizzly, I went to message center and checked the boxes on left and then hit the little garbage can at top to delete. then I had to go to sent messages and do the same before anything would delete. It took me 4 or 5 times to get it to delete everything. After that it started working. I had some old messages from a couple of years ago that never got deleted,so got those deleted as well.


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                        Thanks, maybe that info will help someone else in the same boat....
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                          I want to apologize to Sourdough... I re-read my post #8, and edited out parts of it and refined what I should have said to begin with.

                          Sourdough, my heart was in the right place, although my mouth (keyboard) was not...and I apologize.
                          Genius is making a way out of no way.


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                            Once upon a time I too could get New Posts button to work. It no longer does for me. Another problem I have ran into... I used to use FireFox to view this forum. Now while the Survival heading shows up none of the threads or forums do. Just pages of blank gray.
                            I have to use Google Chrome to get anything else. I am not a fan of google. Far to often it takes me 2 to 7 pages to find a site even when I have the web page name from another source. Like "Read more at". I get a couple of pages of what, a couple pages of ever, before anything shows up and 9 times out of 10 it is quotes of someone saying whatever. GRRRRRRRRR


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                              I notice that threads are staying longer on the "Recent Posts" and "New Posts"..........Someone is fixing something.
                              One day you eat the day the left-over five days you eat chicken feathers, head and feet.