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    Hi everyone, I'm bunnyboo2. I recently moved to Arizona from the Midwest. I am a nurse and former scout master for BSA. My Midwest outdoor skillset doesn't do me much good out here, so I am relearning everything for this region. Any helpful hints would be appreciated.

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    Welcome to this wonderful forum, from the Great State of Alaska.
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      Hello and welcome to the forum.


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        Welcome to here! It is an asset to have a nurse and a Scout-master on board!

        I would love to hear your thoughts on things like dealing with a pandemic in an austere environment. (That topic would make a great thread!)

        This once-busy forum is in the process of rebuilding, so it is slow (but not a dead show). There is a TON of thought-provoking threads to dig up and bring to light for further discussion. We are looking forward to reading your posts!
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          Welcome from Missouri. I did the exact opposite many years ago. Moved from the desert to the Midwest. Are you in southern Arizona, Sonora Desert, or Northern Arizona, High Country? I would suggest learning the flora and fauna. The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum near Tucson would be a great place to start if you are in the desert. The heat and lack of water will take the most adjustment.

          Beautiful part of the country. I still call it home. Good to have you with us.
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            Welcome from Central PA. hope you'll be active and share your thoughts, skills and ideas as you start your venture in learning new skill sets.
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              Lived in Yuma at one time best preparation is learn about WATER. With out it you are dead within 2 days out there.