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Greetings from Europe

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  • Greetings from Europe

    All the way from Europe, here is John!

    I registered myself to learn more about outdoor survival. The Netherlands (where I stay) is a very flat country with almost no wilderness. I'm planning a trip the the north of europe to climbe, hike and survivale in the scandinavic country norway.

    A advertenture I'm preparing for so I can use some information about certain survival skills :D I will read, ask questions and learn!

    Looking forward.

    Kind regards, John

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    Hello John, and welcome to the site.



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      Howdy John!

      Welcome aboard! :)

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        Welcome to the forum.
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          Hello from the "States" John. What season do you plan your adventure for? It will help to narrow some of the most important skills to learn first.

          What is your skill level now?
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            Welcome from Missouri. Good to have you with us. I spent a significant amount of time in the Netherlands. Beautiful country. Wonderful people. There is a wealth of information here. Search the old posts to find the topic in which you are interested. If you can't find it, ask the question in a new post. Great people here. All willing to share and help each other.

            I have attached a link for a site that practices bush craft in Norway. He does a lot of traditional Viking things, but there may be some info that will help you. Might get you in touch with people in that area. Welcome aboard.


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              Welcome from Oklahoma. Let us know about your progress. While Oklahoma is very, very different from The Netherlands and Norway in climate so will be interesting to see your preparations. I might learn something that would help me. Knowledge is gold!


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                Welcome to the forum

                We hope you enjoy and learn from our threads. Many people have contributed to this site. As you read ask questions because the only bad question is the one not asked.

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                  Hi John, welcome to the board. Quite a bit of information here; the old threads are great for going back to see different thinking and I spend a bit of time just exploring also. Have fun and look to see you in the threads
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                    Thank you all for the warm welcome!

                    Morgan101 - At this moment my skill level is low, thats why I would like to survival inside the Netherlands first. With alot of items with me and then lower it down to have a minimum with me. Just to test my skills and how I react. Then (when this is succesfull) I'm going to make a bigger step to Norway, step by step.

                    First I need to prepare myself for the basics up to the more extreme conditions. First I will choose a nice weather day and night, then I will make it harder to choose nights with rain and cold tempatures :D

                    I will search the forum, ask questions and will learn. For now I'm going to watch the great Youtube video you posted.
                    Can't wait to find new ways for the unknown :D


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                      How much basic camping/ hiking and outdoor experience do you have? If zero or very little, you might want to consider somewhere close you can do a night or 2 out. regardless if there is forest or not. If you have no experience, you might want to try car camping first. This is where you can drive to say a campground and be next to or very close to your vehicle. This allows you to take way more than you will likely need and if something goes wrong - say a thunderstorm blows up in the middle of the night and your tent is knocked down and you and your gear is totally soaked - you can jump in your vehicle to warm up, dry out or leave all together.

                      Again, if you're extremely new, try small steps to learn your gear and what all is required in setting up a basic camp. have you tried setting up your tent in your backyard or a local park several times to learn the procedure and to check if it's truly waterproof? If all you have so far is book or internet knowledge and if you have no practical experience, take things a bit easy. Don't think you need to prove anything to anyone or that you need to bump your ego. Take the storm scenario I mentioned above. Lets say you're out in middle of summer but now your 10 or 15km in the bush. Without practical skills and knowledge that could quickly become a deadly situation due to hypothermia or maybe even flash flooding if you set camp in a bad location. It doesn't need to be freezing to get hypothermia.

                      Something I would recommend, though I don't know what is available in Europe, but the Boy Scouts here in the States have an excellent handbook as well as fieldbook that is aimed at teaching the outdoor basics - from camping and first aid to knots and fire making. It works to teach 12 year old boys so I think an adult should be able to handle it.

                      Run your ideas by us all, we're glad to help offer any suggestions or possibly head off potential problems for you in your journey.
                      I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you!