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  • Hello from NE Alberta

    Hi, Grizz here, was military for 26 years, spent 4 years on US AWACS, out of Tinker AFB, OK...the last part of my career was as the supervisor for the Readiness cell, First Aid, Small Arms, Survival, Nuclear Biological and Chemical Defense, (NBCD) if I could be of any help, let me know....also Radiation Safety specialist. ... trained instructor in Winter/Arctic Survival, Water survival, and the various environment one can find himself into. From my background, I have a keen interest in "preparation", I own some land in NW Alberta in the foothills and plan to develop a wilderness retreat that I will offer to people who want to pull out of the rat race for a while. It will consist of a group of rustic cabins on 2 quarters/364 acres of forest....Owner built, off the grid, as autonomous as possible.... I hope to start building next Spring...since winter is already here for us

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    Welcome from Oklahoma.


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      Hello and welcome to the forum. With N. Korea raising it's ugly head you might have info that we can use as well as what we hope you can learn from all the good folks on here.


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        Welcome to the Forum

        When you have the time (Winter Hey) read the threads from the forum. Use your experience to write about the different situations you have found your self in. I have found it helps to keep it light (Laugh even if it's yourself). But get the points across. I served a few times with both the Canadian Army, and some people in Scotland back in the day.

        Have fun.

        USMC, Retired.


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          Welcome from Missouri. You have probably forgotten more about survival than most of us will ever know. Please share your experiences and expertise. Good to have you with us.
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            Welcome from south Alabama, happy you are with us.


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              Welcome Grizz, look forward to your thoughts, incite and ideas.
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