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Gun Nut & Serious Pyro in Southern Missouri now onboard!

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  • Gun Nut & Serious Pyro in Southern Missouri now onboard!

    My name is Dave; I’ve never been on any “forum” before, anywhere. There just seems to be too many whackjobs out there to have to deal with, until I stumbled upon this site a few days ago, we just kept to ourselves.

    Introduction. I grew up here in southern MO, lived for a time in Dallas, and Colorado Springs, and Fairfax, VA before going in the Marine Corps as an MP. After that my job was with the LAPD. As most in LE can tell you there is nothing better about the job than dealing with and helping people. One of the benefits is the ability to watch someone do something stupid, so you pull them over and – “have a conversation with them!” It got, for me, to the point that I was about ready to pull over the future Darwin Award Recipient and say; “What in THEE HELL do you think you are doing?” Before it got to that point I thought it was a good idea to change jobs, but LE is a livelong ‘in the blood’ job that I miss everyday. The Marine Corps too!

    My idea for life after LE was to turn one of three “hobbies” into business, SCUBA, Explosives, and BBQ. Well SCUBA instruction was a flop that sunk :) off the shores of SoCal (Southern California) so I moved back to MO (You can take the boy out of the country…) and back to my Hillbilly ways in my beloved Ozark Hills.

    Growing up there was no such word “Survivalist” we just lived our lives that way. I didn’t spend much time in school, as there was too much in the woods to see and do, but I did go enough to get that Diploma. Now, with a family of my own we live the same life. We have an operational farm with Amish friends and neighbors, and we do most everything ourselves, from making our own beer, butter, beer, cheese, beer, bread, beer, ammunition, beer, have a large garden, make beer, and have the full range of farm critters to care for, and then eat while drinking beer. Did I forget to mention that we make our own beer too?

    With 3 kids, that also love living in the country, we are about as self sufficient as we can be at this point, without being off of the grid, too much electronics required for business ventures. My other (better) half, is a Psycho-Nut-Ologist in the Army and is in VA right now leaving me to be Mr. Mom, but that is just Army life. If she had the time, and not in the Army, we’d be living here on the property completely self-sufficiently including being off of the grid, -- the retirement plan.

    I love chemistry and I am Very Serious Pyro (that loves anything explosive) and Chef that loves to mix chemicals for explosives in my “licensed and legal” manufacturing facility as much as spices in the kitchen, and I do all the cooking. I make some of the most beautiful fireworks that you have ever seen, and I smoke Baby-Back-Ribs that -- “Ya’ Don’t Need Teeth Ta’ Eat! All rubs, sauces, and gravy are made from scratch! (By the way…All explosive and food recipes are private! )

    Having our own private shooting range and “legal” full auto weapons, I still love for daily carry three weapons, whether in a truck or on horseback out fixin’ fence. My old 3-screw Ruger BlackHawk, and Winchester ‘94 Trapper, both in 45 Long Colt, loaded with 21grains of 2400 powder or 22 grains of WW296 and topped with 300 grain Hornady XTP’s as a working load. (NOT a recommended load as this is a very hot load for most firearms at around 30,000#’s + of pressure and may blow up Colt’s, Colt Clones, or S&W.) Daily fun shooting is wheel-weight lead 250 RNFP with 6 grains Nitro 100, Red Dot, or Bullseye. Last but not least is a short stagecoach 12ga double with 6 shot in one side and 4 in the other. I also load a lot of rounds, rifle, pistol, and shotgun with genuine Black Powder.

    Did I mention that I like to talk too? :)

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    Welcome to the forums from the midlands of South Carolina! buy chance would you know anything about making BEER!
    Last edited by Rednekdaddy; 02-01-2009, 05:35 PM. Reason: Forgot to ask about BEER!
    John 3:16 Joshua 24:15


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      Welcome aboard and Semper Fi :)


      Someday someone may kill you with your own gun, but they should have to
      beat you to death with it because it is empty.

      The faster you finish the fight, the less shot you will get.


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        Welcome to the site man sounds like you will fit in great!

        Just do me a favor and read the rules, there's a link at the top.

        Keep in mind we have LE, DHS and other agencies on this aboard, and we are serious about folloiwng the rules and the law.

        Be very careful talking about anything related to your hobby of explosives and pyro etc, and if you are licensed (didn't know that was possible) thats great but let's not talk about how to make, or anything like that when it comes to that stuff. .gov doesn't like it.

        If you have any questions about what you can talk about don't hesitate to pm me, and I can check with some of our .gov friends on here to make sure.

        Again welcome to the site, and you have some awesome skill sets!

        The best thing you can do to support the site is pass it on to your friends and fav sites like other forums, facebook, twitter etc. Let people know about us! :)


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          FIRE? Who doesn't like fire! Rusty (traveling to Minn. right now) and I LOVE fire. Fire is good. Fire is your friend. Just follow the rules and keep a fire extinquisher nearby!



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            Welcome aboard from Northwest Central AR.....
            "I Have Sworn Upon the Altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." -Thomas Jefferson

            "When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves, in the course of time, a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it." -Frederic Bastiat


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              Welcome to the Site!


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                welcome to the place to be !!


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                  welcome to the site


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                    Thanks for the welcome mat folks.

                    Semper FI to you too.

                    Yup! I know, "just a little about it" - makin' brew, and have been brewing since it was first legal, the ONLY good thing that I can think if that the Peanut President did for us!

                    Yes, FIRE is your friend! Greek fire :)

                    Guess you missed the part where I said that "all recipes" are private? Didn't know explosive licensing was possible? Interesting! I'm fully licensed to manufacture any explosive, and I keep waiting for that first government contract to sell our dear Uncle a new explosive that I have developed for dealing with IEDs and UXO's. I also have developed a survival flare that is far better than the pen flares now in use by military & civilian pilots worldwide. I have DARPA and the AFOSR (Air Force Office of Scientific Research) interested in both, but it's hard to get that first contract.

                    Both explosives and BBQ are not "hobbies" for me, and both require licenses and inspections federal and state. And, by the way the frequent visits from the state Fire Marshal, and BATFE at least make sense, with plain and simple laid out rules and regs. (I read the forum rules long before I signed up.) If you really want to pull your hair out, try dealing with the health department(s) and the USDA! Now that is more frustrating than homeschooling the kids! -- And will drive you to drink :) Of course the only reason I need is a sunny afternoon... sunset, sunrise, morning, evening, cold day, hot day, rain, snow, ... ... ... :)

                    Seriously, if anyone is interested in explosives, I have helped more than one person "get legal". It is an involved process, but doing so takes the stress away and makes it fun. The two rules with anything like this are ... Be Legal, Be Safe, and neither are in second place! Not safe, you can loose fingers, a hand, arm, or your life. Not legal, and that pesky going fishing and hunting, hugging your kids, carrying keys, opening doors, and going to the store when you want to gets in the way. DRINKING BEER! :eek: Plus you have to get all those pictures taken, give all the same interviews over and over again, in rooms with a large mirror ... naw, not worth it. Just ask I'll help. Both are equally important.

                    ATFE -- Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives should really be a one stop shop, like 7-11, AM/PM, or Wal Mart!

                    Can't we talk about food :) Food! "I LOVE food. Food is good. Food is your friend." Right Lazer123? That just reminded me... Anyone seen Over the Hedge? FOOOOD! "They wear the food, they ...." never mind!

                    Again, thanks for the words.


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                      I have a good friend, who is a LEO in a nearby county, who is also liscenced to purchase and assemble explosives. I knew it was legal. According to him there are very few who are licenced here in NC.

                      Anywho, welcome to the forum, and brewing your own sounds like a great skill, along with your many others. LE will always be in your blood :)
                      All that is necessary for the triumph of evil....


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                        There are very few licensed in the country. I am one of the very few remaining consumer firework manufacturers here, at last check 6, and only 1 is selling to the public, and they only sell sparklers.

                        With the downturn in the economy we are about as out of business as you can get at this point, we will not even be able to have one, not a single, firework stand this year, and 90% chance that I will not even sell fireworks online this year as well, as I have for years. No one is buying American Made Fireworks anymore, the cost/profit ratio is not there.

                        That didn't sound right. You, I, and a lot of folks would buy American made fireworks if given the chance/choice, I mean the major firework suppliers. The cost is the reason. Envirnomental concerns and insurance, among many more. If 50 Chinamen get blown up in a firework factory you pay little attention to it here. In America if 1 person gets hurt it would be; "How can we let this happen again?" type of thing on the nightly news. Not in MY back yard!

                        This year when you go buy fireworks for the 4th, there will be a 30% increase in price for everything. China is having its problems too. A good backyard display for the 4th is going to be expensive for people this year. This increase in price from China 'may' open the door once again for American Manufacturers.

                        As for explosives, actually, no "federal" license is reguired to manufacture or use explosives, if you are not "engaged in business" of doing so. Anyone can legally bow stumps and rocks out of their own property, but it is the same cost to ship one stick of dynamite as it is a whole truckload. (You can thank the 'weathermen' domestic terrorist group, in the 70's, for this as you used to be able to go buy it at your local hardware store.) It's the state laws that are the stickler, and most expensive. It's the individual state laws and state politicians wanting money that hurt the pocketbook and freedoms.

                        Well, I talk a lot. I gotta find out how you put pictures on here. I have one of me standing in front of one of my Tipi's, just after a fire. I wonder if insurance would cover that as a house fire? ;)