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Hallo from Canada!

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  • Hallo from Canada!

    Hi all! Should thrown this up first, missed in entirely! I just kind of jumped in, and apparently in the process, under a couple peoples skins!

    Thankfully I had a very friendly gent that sent me a quick msg and I figured this would be a great place to clear the air.

    Please! People! No offence is meant here, I came here solely with caring and sharing intentions, how ever I AM NOT A PREPPER! If anything you could consider me a homesteader with no home. I seek only preparedness. In the sense where I want to feel like I can make, create and find any of the things I would need to survive.

    If my replies to your thread are less than 100% enthusiastic and supportive I am not "bashing" your dreams and ideas! This is called conversation, where two people who may think differently exchange ideas and come out with more than they had started with. The best system of trade! Trust me when I say this might be often! I don't do it cause I hate you and your ideas, no I do it because I want everyone, myself included, to have even better ideas, and better preparedness. We are all here to learn together, and to get ready for what we all must assume is the inevitable. If everyone was super encouraging of absolutely everything I think we would still be having a hay day over fire and the wheel!

    Anyways, I'm here to learn, and I assumed that why you are all here, so lets go forward, do that and be awesome! Why are we awesome? Because we all prep differently and we all have different goals which is GREAT. Maybe after the great collapse well run into each other and laugh about "that one time on the forum, hahahaha" :)

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    Welcome to the site. You will find your rhythm. There are a lot of folks here who have some good knowledge. We are happy to have someone with new ideas. My best advise is think of these forums like a conversation. Most folks don't like to be talked "at", more they would like to discuss anything if you are invested in a conversation and not just spouting off your thoughts like a blog. :D I think you will do fine. Just relax and take your time. Let everyone have a chance to great you.
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      Hello from Clarksville, Tennessee


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        Good day, eh! :)
        (I know that's not really how everyone talks in Canada--just as people in Ireland don't actually say 'Top o'the mornin'!--but still kinda fun to pretend otherwise.)

        And welcome a little to your south (or maybe, west? or southeast?).
        Glad you could join. I hope we all do meet up at some point. Hopefully with a disaster, but if it does come to that, folks here are the ones I'd want to run into.
        Been there, done that. Then been there again several times, because apparently I never learn.


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          Welcome from south Alabama


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            Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone! I think I've passed the newb requirements of the forum so I'll start linking to peer reviewd infos as I come across them.

            @Schneb, I always hope that things work out in everyone favour, nut your right, if shtf I want to be running into some of you IRL!


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              Welcome from Missouri. Good to have you with us.
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                Welcome from NC
                "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately."
                -Ben Franklin


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                  Welcome from southern Minnesota