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Hi everyone, im a new member.

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  • Hi everyone, im a new member.

    Wow in the last few weeks we have been bombarded With all kind of natural disaster. The west coast is boiling of earthquakes...
    im looking into getting a motor home asap. Everybody will need to go in land soon at least 250-500 miles in land. Here in canada we seem to be pretty safe in the area of the kidney Nelson mountain range. Good luck everyone.


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    Welcome to the site Alpha
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      Welcome from Missouri. Good to have you with us.
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        Welcome to the forum. Where we are, we to could one day find ourselves moving inland because of all this crazy stuff going on. My granddaughter lives in Califorinia but she is safe.


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          Hello from far inland Clarksville, Tennessee :cool:


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            Hello and welcome from NC
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