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Florence SC gun show

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  • Diesel
    Yeah I think a couple of the guys were already working on some business cards to network at gunshows etc. Def a good tool to get like minded and valueable people here.

    I could see the shirt now, "Ask me about Survival"


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  • Freedom Defender
    started a topic Florence SC gun show

    Florence SC gun show

    I decided to venture out with what seemed like every other person in the area to our local gun show. I've never seen it so busy. I was in line with hundreds of others waiting to get in. The mood seemed different this time. There was a sense of urgency this time. Lots of first time gun buyers. There was one guy selling nothing but ammo ans he was the busiest of all. I will have to say that most were like minded . I was able to tell several people about this site. I have an idea. A way to advertise the site. How about shirts and business cards. It could be one way for this site to generate a little operating capital. Just an idea.