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    Been doing some research. Thinking about getting myself a bow within the next month. I've looked at used ones, but they all seem to have something that i would change, and even a new string can bumpt the price up to what a new bow costs....then there's the set up to fit "me". I need 30-31" of draw length, which knocks alot of the used bows out (I guess I'm odd with my long arms).
    I thought I wanted (needed) a single cam, but I'm not so shure. I'm now looking at the Bowtech line..the Admiral, Sniper, and SWAT...and the new Diamond Iceman. All seem to be great bows from the reviews...but dang they ain't cheap!
    I really want a short bow, and the Bowtech Sniper and SWAT are available as "packages" that include basically the same items that I would buy off the shelf to rig whatever I get...looks like the package deals would save me quite a bit of money too.
    Any advice? I haven't bought a bow in over 12 years.


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      I don't have any advise but I just wanted back you up on your archery idea. I have been thinking that that may be a better survival tool then a gun. Its quiet so no onw knows your around and you can always make your own arrows if you need to.


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        I work as a tech at an archery proshop. So here is what I tell everyone " test fire every bow make and model that you can get your hands on" I have shot Hoyt for the last 3 years does that make it the best bow? Nope, it is the bow the works best for me. When you look at the top 3 makers ( Mathews, Hoyt, Bowtech/Diamond ) based on sales. You really can't make a bad choice. Thats why I say shoot some to see which feels best to you ( draw cycle, valley and wall ) and most important get messured in fitted by a pro-shop then you know what your true draw length is. Because the new short ATA bows are not your old finger shooters. So as not to up set anyone, there are many other bow makers out there that make pretty darn good bows also. But the main thing for me is in a SHTF time with the new compound bows you will need some form of bow press to work on them, that is why I have a couple of recurves as back ups.