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  • My smack back into line...

    It's so easy to sit back and look at your preps, your pay stubs that keep coming (that I'm sincerely thankful for), and decide it's okay to coast for awhile. Perhaps, maybe even question all the funds you're putting into your preparations. I mean seriously, the crowded shopping malls, restaurants, and movie theaters... things are going well for much of America. Right?

    I fight a constant battle to stay awoken... to not fall back asleep into endless consumerism and debt, lethargic consumption of media, mindless programming, and essentially useless gadgets. I mean seriously... all things considered, things are good, right?

    That's what I was starting to (again) telling myself, until I came across this article. I haven't verified any of it, but the points are compelling enough to act as a perfect SMACK back into line for me. Here's the link for those who need a cold concerned citizen shower...

    At the very least, I'd like to extract one small segment that hit me like a freight train...

    Matt.17:27 “They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all”.

    Boom times now? Judgement doesn’t fall at the depths of depression when people are humble and on their knees. It comes when the great majority are still ” eating, drinking, marrying, and giving in marriage.”

    Okay, back on track.

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    Wow definitely an eye opener. # 27 particularly stood out to me. People need to realize that China is our ENEMY!!!!!


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      Thanks for posting, a good reminder from time to time helps.


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        Good Post. I had already read about most of this but, it was still a good reminder!!
        Mountain Man J :cool:


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          that will cheer you up.....:(
          Live like you'll die tomorrow, learn like you'll live forever.


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            Thanks for posting. Can we scroll it on TV screens so maybe the tubebots will see at least part of it???
            "If Howdy Doody runs against him, I'm voting for the puppet." - SkyOwl's Wife, 2012


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              Good post, great reminder.

              Originally posted by Recently_Awoken View Post
              And all of it either manufactured or facilitated by our elected representatives and their predecessors .... REMEMBER THIS.

              Things are seldom what they seem.