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Expert Advice / Guidance Requested.... Where should I start?

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    with out food and're dead....all the other stuff is academic by comparison.

    weapons allow you to keep the food.

    band aids help fix you up after fighting to keep the food.

    if you have enough food to defend (figure 6 months is going to weigh about 250 to 350 lbs) probably have a location....and hopefully you have stocked it with more than food and water...but without's a tomb.
    Live like you'll die tomorrow, learn like you'll live forever.


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      My opinion is, have PLENTY OF WATER AND FOOD! at least 6-12 months.. as for weapons, even my 8 year old has a .22. Think about "worst case scenarios" and think, is a .22 enough? If you think it is, then your right. If you think, "nah, I think maybe an Ak, or at least a 12 gauge would be helpful, to defend my family, what I have and what I will have, then go with that. Its all about what you feel is right for you and yours. We have quite a few firearms. I (the Mrs) am not "great" at firing all of them. BUT, I try to get familiar with a few at a time. If you ask MY opinion, more food, more water, more firearms with "oomph" and more bandaids :) Good topic!!! :) BTW, the Ak-47 is not an expensive firearm, at least where we are from, and the ammo is easy to find.. easy to load and a good over-all weapon!
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