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Has any one seen any subtle changes.

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  • Has any one seen any subtle changes.

    I drive my little girl to school every day and in the past month I have seen subtle changes. I have noticed that seven houses along our daily route have added standby generators and three houses that never had wood piles now have huge wood piles. I also have seen 4 houses with new chicken coops. There are higher end houses that are putting part of their yard under the plow for produce gardens. At work more and more customers every week are asking about home defense guns and personal protection guns and almost all of these people are first time gun owners. On an average I have 4 people a week ask me about supplies for their BOB or emergency supply box they are putting together. So it looks like people are waking up on some scale and that the trust that every thing is going to be ok is wearing thin. A lot of these people seem to be city dwellers and urbanites. As us locals seem to be ahead of the curve just because it is part of the country life style. This to me is a good sigh for the health and security in my area, because it looks there will be less people relying on the government to save and take care of them.

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    I've been teaching more CCW classes.....
    Live like you'll die tomorrow, learn like you'll live forever.


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      Several churches in my area have community gardens going,I've seen a large amounts of people buying bulk items, haven't noticed any new coops or the like yet.


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        My neighbor just got chickens. The guy across the street is putting in tomato plants in his front yard. I agree, people are waking up.
        The 12ga.... It's not just for rabbits anymore.


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          all but one home with in a mile of me has put in Gardens, and the lady in that one home went and bought a bunch of Plants and asked a friend of mine if he would grow them for her LOL.

          the Family the runs the Local produce market commented the other day that their sales were up on seed sets and plants compared to previous years.


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            What is CCW classes


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              Originally posted by survivalcookie View Post
              What is CCW classes
              Concealed Carry....




              Live like you'll die tomorrow, learn like you'll live forever.