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preparing tommorrows youth

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  • preparing tommorrows youth

    i as yall know am a tiger cub, today in our den meeting we were using our imagination go figure they really still have one. anyway we were in a boat on lake wateree in sc far side of the lake up north where there isnt any houses four seven year olds three adults. first mission lifejackets. next getting to the island we were able to grab a bag with flashlight 8x10 tarp four lawn size trash bags 6 glow sticks a lighter.flint steel and matches weather radio and a machette. i taught them how to make a make shift wigwam with the tarp then we got a mock fire going made a leaf bed and showed them to use the bags. hheheheeheh next one of the kids had a broke leg and they had to figure out how to carry him i.e. the tarp made in to a strecher we stabilized the leg via a stick oh and the 50 foot of required paracord and that was the end what do you guys think lets have some feed back. keep in mind these are all 7 year old kids
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    Cub Master here...OUTSTANDING.

    Any time you can get these kids out from in front of a computer, game console, or cell is awesome.

    Good time to teach them about what to do if they get separated from the pack.

    Good award for good work is a whistle....for them to hike with....we also....if it's at night...give them glo-sticks and a piece of para cord....."swing a ring" & "make some noise"...that's what we teach our Tigers.

    Good time to get them in the habit of policing their campsites too....leave it better than you found it....:)

    good job....round of applause....:)
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      Sounds like a lot of fun and some good teaching/learning was going on. Great job.


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        Great ideas! We have a "Brownie" in our family! She loves to tell the other girls how she can swing an ax! We were just talking to her about getting her hiking pack ready, and her wearing a whistle.. glow stix are a great idea too!
        Good job, guys, helping these kids get out and "learn" a little about the real world!!
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