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what survival show do you like / hate.

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    I enjoy Les and his survivorman shows. I also enjoyed the first 2 Alaska experiment series.

    I watched the second Alaska experiment series and thought it did a better job of putting them through a survival experience but of course those GPS locators kept it from being a true test.

    In a real survival situation there is no opt out. either you make it or you die. I wonder how many more of the 9 would of "survived" if they did not have to option to punch out.

    I was also impressed by how much they were able to use that little under over gun to get some food. (of course they didn't enough to survive but they got quite a bit.)

    The ones that made it to the end seem to develope some real survival skills. You could kind of see by the end why those 4 made it. They all had the right attitudes. The loudmouth ones left early. The quite, determined ones lasted and made it out "alive." That tells me a lot about survival.


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      Originally posted by Oscar Wilde View Post
      "Married with Children"

      Hell yea, that dude is hard core.. I would have died long ago.. Al Bundy got some skills...


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        I enjoy Dual Survival, Man vs Wild, Surviverman, I will say I like The Wild Within, not actually a surviver show but ...


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          I personally like Ray Mears.

          Dual survivor is good but i cannot stand Bear grylls.
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            Frankly, I can't watch any of them. They are so caught up in the entertainment value that any good ideas get lost. I've often said that watching a real survival scenario play out would be like watch grass grow or paint dry...very boring!
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              I like the colony. None of them are survival experts so its kind of a cool twist of the survival show.
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                I read the treatise by Cody Ludin awhile ago. It gave me an immense amount of respect for him. We all know th elevel of B/S in reality tv shows, just look at "Survivor" it's all drama and ratings. I agree that it's entertaining to a degree, but I hope that no one takes it as gospel and consider it training. I really like Les Stroud, simply because he carries a harmonica with him most of the time. That is a survivor tool!


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                  Like most here I've watched all the shows mentioned a few times.
                  Don't really care for Bear Grylls. Not knocking his abilities just don't like the show.
                  Overall though I think there is more available from these shows than just entertainment value.
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                    I like Ray Mears videos better than any other.

                    I like Ron Hood's videos. They have lots of good information.

                    I do not like Les. The first episode was a crock of Sh!# when he could not even pronounce Javelina correctly and then said they attack unpredictably. In my opinon he is a good example of what not to do. He whines way too much for me. The thing he does on a regular basis that makes me cringe is use a rock as a baton on the back of his knife . Les finally has a good knife now made by Helle.

                    Bear is always having fun. He is like a kid in a candy store. The thing he does on a regular basis that makes me cringe is use a rock as a baton on the back of his knife and the edge of his knife on a firesteel. In my opinion his new line of knives are crap. In my opinion it is nothing more than entertainment.


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                      yes to dual survival ,Les stroud and man woman wild dont like man vs wild that mans an idiot.


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                        I think its all entertainment with a very few useful tidbits thrown in but hey aside from books and videos you can order like Ron Hoods their isn't a lot out there most shows that show people like us have us in a bunker somewhere with a tinfoil hat so I think most of the shows are fine if you don't take them seriously especially Bear made a grappling hook out of an old trap and swung to safety(no thanks I will take the long way around thank you)


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                          My favorite is Survivorman, hands-down (haven't seen Dual Survival, yet, so that might change); he was the first to make survivor shows popular in a big way and, unlike Bear Grills, was not a showoff or a faker (staying in hotel rooms at night during shooting? Pshaw!). My favorite saying is still "Les is more!"


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                            Survivorman is the best in my humble. But hate to disagree with the norm, but I like Man vs Wild too. It's over the top and if you are stupid you will walk into a dark cave with only a torch, or, if really stupid you'll try to swim in Siberia during the winter. Still, the guy squeezed the contents of an elephant turd into his mouth. He shows that survival can be very unpleasant and that you may have to try some things that are repulsive in order to survive in an extreme environment. It is entertainment and should be taken as such.