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Are you a fit preper?

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  • Are you a fit preper?

    I see many people on videos that talk a big story and have all the mall ninja stuff yet just looking at them I can't see how they could carry 200lbs for miles in the woods. Some of them I can't see walking down the block.
    Now I know the most important thing to use is your mind but your body is a close second. When your stress level is up and your food intake is down simple actions become more difficult.
    I myself have put on a few lbs due to a job change. My wife and I have decided to start an exercise plan. Do any of you work out or have a physical prep plan to ensure that you will be healthy enough if SHTF?

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    I am in the gym 7 days per week. I work nights, so the place is never crowded when I am there. My wife is a registered dietitian and helps me with some of my food choices. I just turned 46, so I can feel my athletic abilities slip slowly away. I am not too worried yet.. I can still push over 315 on the bench for reps. I keep my bodyfat under 10% with good eating habits and cardio. We also do a great deal of walking on the weekends. She is not a fan of running, so I will do my cardio in the morning and walk with her in the afternoon.

    One thing I can't quite get under control is my triglycerides. Diet,Exercise,Medication.. Nothing seems to get my numbers down..


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      First post here, But yes I work out at my local fitness center at least 4-5 times a week. cardio and weights, with yoga thrown in once in a while to help keep me limber ( jacked my back and neck up in iraq). Weekends I tend to shoot at my range with my girlfriend, and she and I do alot of hiking also. so yeah, I say I stay pretty fit these days.


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        I stay in decent shape by cycling a lot of miles every month. I also will do a triathlon and adventure race a few times a year too. So overall I'm in good shape. I'm built for endurance events. If I ever have to try to bench press 315 lbs its gonna break my chest when the bar hits. lol


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          You can see my physique in my avatar ;)

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