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Welcome to Maine

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  • Welcome to Maine

    Hello I've lived in Maine most of my life and go camping every year with my brother Chris. We've had some fun times in the woods of Northern Maine, from being caught at Moosehead Lake with severe thunder storms, waking up to Moose outside our tent eating. And fishing in many great places throughout the state catching everything from Small Mouth Bass, Salmon, all sorts of Trouts, Northern Pike, Pickerel, White/Yellow Perch, Suckers, Hornpout and some of the biggest Crappies you've ever seen. I've yet to run across a Black Bear, and hope to avoid them if possible. But have seen fresh tracks and scat very close to our camp sites. We frequent the Greenville Area and I hope to make it to the top of Katahdin someday when i conquer my fear of heights. I want to hear your stories! And where you've been. :cool:

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    I grew up spending a lot of time around Moosehead lake because my grandfather was a guide up there when he was young. I use to camp a lot on the islands and at lily bay and have seen lots of black bear. Now I live in southern maine. Mount Kineo is one of my favorite places on the lake. My wife and I spent our honeymoon at Moosehead, we rented a boat and a log home for a week.


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      Kinda makes me want to go to Maine..
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      -Ben Franklin


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        Originally posted by Jamman View Post
        Hello I've lived in Maine most of my life and go camping every year with my brother Chris. We've had some fun times in the woods of Northern Maine, ...
        Welcome from Southern Arizona. Our environment is exactly opposite yours.
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          I am getting extremely antsy! I can't wait to get back up there again. I am actually pretty excited to come visit you so we can start bulding that primitive shelter in your backyard! (I am Chris, Jamman's brother BTW)
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            well its nice to talk to another Mainer, and for the Az, well ive never been to the desert but have studied it the last half of my life. it is crutial to surviving if you dont know how to find water and last. to the fellow who has yet to see Maine it is amazing if youve never been here. although no towering mountians it is the most beautiful place ive have had the pleasure to lay eyes on. my brother(Oatmealer) is an excellent survivalist(one of the smartest, most creative) ive ever seen. his ideas and teaching patterns far surpassed many ive seen.. in maine if you love the outdoors you NEED the knowledge to survive through anything our climate has to offer(which is alot) im glad to talk to you, Driving over the hill in Greenville looking down on the islands on Moosehead is a memorable experience to my times ive spent there, it signinfies my arrive, and my dismissal. the bear i have yet to see, but in my hopes, i am well knowledged and head strong i hope they will avoid me as i will them. and if well i run into the "Katahdin monster" please i will not harm you, as i expect the same.. In Maine leave your camp as you found it, un littered and clean. help yout fellow folk and be wise to survive. Could not ask for a better state to be trained in the wild.