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  • UN Treaty SNAFU

    The gun shop I frequent has been producing ammo in bulk.Because of the UN Treaty (International treaty on Arms Reduction,ITAR),the FEE will be too high.(Sound Familiar).The world is smaller,but I liked it better when we were directing ,not sucking hind tit.

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    You can read the entire ITAR here:

    Near as I can tell, it's a bunch of legalese. It LOOKS like it's for export of "Defense Trade". It's in 10 parts with 3 amendments (pdf files), ranging from 1.3 to 7 Mb each. The last one of these I picked apart contradicted itself so much I gave up.

    Keep in mind, the SENATE must ratify any treaty for it to be legal. Right now, they won't touch the 2nd Amendment because they are already on shaky ground with the budget mess.

    IF they pass something like this, like they did Obamacare "deemed passed", it will get shot down in court - eventually. Don't let your guard down, doesn't hurt to stock up on ammo and reloading supplies, but don't lose sleep yet.
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