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Grain Mill / Dehydrator / Food Saver recommendations

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    This hand grinder is sold on my site for 79$
    * Sturdy and compact
    * Cone shaped burrs are self-aligning
    * Smooth, even milling
    * Creates 1/2 cup of fine flour per minute
    * Create grains at a fraction of the cost of store-bought
    * Stores easily in drawers, cupboards, and other small spaces
    * Adjustable texture settings
    * Stainless steel construction
    * Non-electric
    I have read good reports on it and have used mine quite a bit with no problems so far...I also used it for coffee bean and it worked great too. It is made by Victorio Kitchen Products.


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      I just purchased my food saver at Kohls...It was on sale for 129.00, I had a 30 percent off scratch off coupon and then a 10 bucks off coupon so got it for around 79 bucks,..I believe it is the same one Walmart sells for 138.00. I had a dehydrator years ago ...a very cheap version and I could never get my food completely dried...My son bough a rather expensive one and they love mother dried hers in her oven with the door cracked...